Posted By : Shashank Posted On : Feb 11, 2018
Subject :Classic Champions 2017-18
Given below is a summary of most classic wins by a horse, jockey, trainer and a stallion in Classic Season 2017-18 of all centres except Delhi. Total classics held so far are 26 upto 10 Feb 2018.

*********MOST WINS*********
3- Prevalent Force, Castlebridge, Lady in Lace, Kangra, Sana
2- Manifold, Mahateji, Aggregated
1- Rochester, Mauritania, Windsor Forest, Masquerade, Tutankhamun

7 – Suraj Narredu
4- YS Srinath
3 – A Sandesh, Dashrath Singh
2 – P Trevor, F Sweeney
1 – D Probert, D Allan, Neeraj Rawal, CS Jodha, C Alford

6 – Bharath Singh
4 – Pesi Shroff
3 – SS Attaollahi, KSV Prasad Raju, D Byramji
2 – M Narredu, Srinivas Reddy
1 – S Padmanabhan, Satish Narredu, SK Sunderji

10 – Multidimensional (IRE)
3 – Phoenix Tower (USA), Chinese Whisper (IRE), BurdenofProof (IRE), Western Aristocrat (USA)
2 – Dean’s Kitten (USA)
1 – Excellent Art (GB), Stormy River
  TRANSPARENCY said ... On : 2/12/2018 4:44:42 AM

Meh aaya tere liye .lol

Bhai log ne sab pada as single choice aur Puntero ne dabake khela b lekin Ab bechare kuch khel nahi paayege Aage as 1G had promised to the Almighty G's not to post tips for described htians (Chupane ke liye)

Prevalent Force(Hyderabad Derby)
Lady in Lace(Pune Derby)
Sana(Monsoon DerbyKolkatta Oaks)
Castle Bridge( 2000 guineas)
Manifold Indian Oaks)
Kangra (Bang Derby)

That was it for last year Classic turn by turn for as ever Ingratitude Travellers .

  Aravind said ... On : 2/11/2018 8:32:23 PM
All is ok.what the results shows us is that owners trainers prediceded center's on which they lift cups.Naredus in Kolkatta Manjri in Mumbai,Mahindra in Bangalore.but in all center's same horses will compete some one will made favourites but other will win.this was like handicap races they conducted.earlier years one horse wud became champion in all center's and declare catch me if you can challenge.but today everything is made much of Hype on PF but today it's nowhere.but I m sure it will beat all these horses one day.This s not merit on Trainers no achievement either.Pl for God's shake in future bring Top Class Horse cannot be beatan by any one in classics.Its King of Sports not Minister of sports.

  Sumant Dalmiya said ... On : 2/11/2018 7:50:12 PM
Dear Shashank ...

Excellent Analysis of Classic Results

Would just like to bring to your notice, that by taking your starting point as the Bangalore Summer Derby ... you have omitted to Gr 1 classics in your analysis ... they are the Bangalore Summer Fillies & Colts Trials/Champoionships


  Indian_Turf_Record said ... On : 2/11/2018 7:22:09 PM
@ Shashank

If your are talking about Classics for 2014 crop, then 33 Classics have been including today's race. The break-up is:-

Ooty 3
Bangalore Summer 3
Mysore 3
HYderabad Monsoon 3
Pune 1

Calcutta 4
Chennai 4
Bangalore Winter 4
Hyderabad Winter 4
Mumbai 4

There are three races run during Calcutta Monsoon Season which can also qualify as Classics.

  Shashank said ... On : 2/11/2018 5:47:14 PM
Just to add to the list, here are the top 4-year old stake earners from this year's classic crop (foaled in 2014) who have more than 10 million Indian Rupees.
PS: This includes The Catalyst Properties Bangalore Derby Gr1 result too.

Manifold 2.72cr
Castlebridge 2.66cr
Lady In Lace 2.21cr
Kangra 2.11cr
Prevalent Force 1.87cr
Rochester 1.59cr
Sana 1.56cr
Aggregated 1.31cr
Ruffina 1.25cr
Mahateji 1.21cr
Tutankhamun 1.11cr
Windsor Forest 1.07cr

Has any other horse has won more than 1 crores in stakes this year?

  Priyanchu said ... On : 2/11/2018 5:34:44 PM
Very nice to see such a clean and clear stats of classics of the season.i have rechecked this and have nothing to debate,keep it up.

  Shashank said ... On : 2/11/2018 5:18:37 PM
Yes the racing year starts from 1st November to 31st October.
But here, I have listed the winners of the current classic crop only (foaled in 2014). Hence there are a total of 26 classic races run so far, the first being the KF Ultra Summer Derby Bangalore Gr1 & the latest being KF Ultra Indian Derby Gr1.

  Indian_Turf_Record said ... On : 2/11/2018 3:49:08 PM
@ Shashank

Very good effort. The racing year 2017-18 starts from 1 November 2017 so maybe you have for Classics than actually run.