Posted By : j shivaji Posted On : Feb 10, 2018
Subject :ill Judged Pace of the Race Temerity

Neeraj Rawal had ill judged the pace of the race, riding Temerity and had to struggle and lost a certain race.
Very difficult to pick a horse even if two horses are participating.
Would welcome comments of on it.

  Rob said ... On : 2/20/2018 1:59:26 AM

Terminity will romp home in the invitational in Cal. He has misjudged the pace and lost on total overconfidence.

  Harish said ... On : 2/14/2018 4:15:49 PM
Jockey has stopped the horse plain and simple.

  Autonomy said ... On : 2/12/2018 5:56:49 PM

An enquiry has been initiated into the running and riding of TEMERITY (Neeraj Rawal) and a report will be submitted shortly.

K.N.Dhunjibhoy breeder of the filly, S.M.Ruia & Berjis Desai Owners of the filly.
are stewards of the club.

Will they recuse themselves from the hearing of the enquiry????

  svkraju said ... On : 2/11/2018 1:20:03 PM

Yes. I totally agree with your observations and opinions. How are you now?.

  skazi said ... On : 2/11/2018 1:16:51 PM
how can a jockey mis judge the pace in 2 horse race are u a clown or trying to act like 1. when u dont understand racing pls dont misguide the punters by such post.1st race eternal sunshine and temerity both were blatantly hooked by their jockeys minimum both should be given a years suspension .rwitc stewards are hnd n glove wit them which im sure no action would be taken .

  A D said ... On : 2/11/2018 12:10:21 PM
Punters should understand one thing in such manipulated races.

The connections of Temerity must have played heavily on B52.
This is what is happening now-a-days.
They made much more money than if they would have made on Temerity winning the race.
Pl get this in your heads.

Connections play on doosras to make more money.

  stop fooling punter said ... On : 2/11/2018 11:03:19 AM
Come on guys he has been with Ruias for the last 6 yrs.or more,

99% of the public did not put a penny,some big time punters thought easy few thousands to be collected.

Why here see race of Maidens Vna Dyke is 3 lts behind stable mate unbelievable in last track yet wins by 8 lts! is the trainer that dumb that he has zero idea of his horses?

it has become a mugs game.

  Dr.Bashaar said ... On : 2/11/2018 10:32:52 AM
If the horse loses on its own.. we dont grumble. But if B fifty Two is backed so much in the betting ring and if race takes place like this,then surely it is difficult to accept it as an ill judged race.
If you see the overall racing of present days, we are betting on the fact - whether the horse is on job or not on job- not really on the merit of the horse. I dont mean to say that study has no value. Surely not like that. After doing all studies on various factors like previous performance,Trackwork, equipments etc.if the owner/Trainer decide not to go on job...? Is it not happening too often now a days ? ( surely much more than what the situation was about 15 years back )
Infacts fixing like this only has made horse racing far less charming now a days than before. ( GST and all all are other factors )

  Azim said ... On : 2/11/2018 10:29:41 AM
@ j shivaji
it's all setup temerity ridden to loose b fifty two Can not beat temerity it's simple whenever the odds is less than at less than 90 paisa don't play the race or if u want to play than play against the winner MULTITUDE VISCOUNT TEMERITY MEKON DELTA MYTRELWOOD and many examples are there..trainers and owners don't want to win below 50 paisa most of the time so they hook pull cheat and do whatever they want to do not one has a right to ask them so let the paisa horse win just watch and enjoy ....


  munesh said ... On : 2/11/2018 10:25:54 AM
Hunter's reading of Pessi is good to some extent.Without owner's collution,can Shroff think of these things.yesterday I wanted to back Ebony.but my memory of these connections strike rate on favourates stopped me.I was proved right.

  raghavan said ... On : 2/11/2018 10:00:41 AM

"cheated the punters".

Temerity was quoted 2Ops at Mumbai. Only one more horse, B52. So, money back for Temerity. If you are luckiest, then payout will be 11/-.

So, I do not think anyone should sympathise with those who backed Temerity. Those who with defeatist mentality played 1OO/2OO/5OO etc on B52 saw some cash in their hand, a princely 22/- against the Mumbai odds of 4.5.

Before GST odds-on favorites I used to bet. After 1/7/2O17, I take 2O or 3O forecast tickets with favorite in the top slot. If the bet fails, chalo 2OO/3OO loss. Chaltha hai.

  Mad Max said ... On : 2/11/2018 9:54:04 AM
The result the owners and trainer wanted they got.
And the act has well enacted by the rider.
So the owners have might have paid the bonus to him.
Only a handful of bookies aware of such information in advance.
What about other bookies were made BAKARAS.

And above all, do your think any owner, trainer or bookies play at 20 paise?
I think entire BRIGADE - Rulers and Opposition 'Played" B52.

  Aravind said ... On : 2/11/2018 8:33:11 AM
If there r many horses in the field atleast we can anticipate such failures but not in 2 horse race.owners trainer jockey all responsible.they intentionally cheated punters stewards handicapper.its cut above class in that race.shd have gone front frm 800 mtrs light robbery.Ruia records were winning on longer odds only.

  p g said ... On : 2/11/2018 7:19:30 AM
Friends, now don't grumble.
This is happening quite regularly.

Previously had shown an written that the only way was to stop racing for one single day, when well planned wrongful and deception race takes place, but what happens ? Not a single frustrated punter came out to support it.

Do we have any other option ??????????

Every day and at every center 2 or 3 races are manipulated, that too the days good races.

Still there is time to think about it. If not, please do not grumble about jockeys / trainers pulling a fast one later on.

TAKE IT or LEAVE IT. The decision is punters to make.

  deepak said ... On : 2/10/2018 11:54:41 PM

svk raju

he is ruia man - will never change nor will be reprimanded, just like his uncle when he used to ride did u hear of mallesh getting suspended.

  deepak said ... On : 2/10/2018 10:55:55 PM

all eyewash, he has always ridden the horse so should know when to change gears

intent to lose very obvious - chapter close , pundits will have other views in vain, if we cant find winner in a 2 horse race than all races ............

  Small Time Punter said ... On : 2/10/2018 10:44:53 PM
Ha ha...It infact was well judged race and executed as per the plan. You failed to read the intentions.

  Ashok said ... On : 2/10/2018 10:33:39 PM
It was not ill judged race but very well judged successfull gamble by Neeraj Rawal.

  Honeytip9 said ... On : 2/10/2018 8:30:29 PM
It was not ill judged but it was well judged to land a coup in a two horse race. In Mumbai was backed down from7/1 to 15/4.

  Hunter said ... On : 2/10/2018 8:26:16 PM
Shroff's favourites are losing left right and centre. The questions to be asked are:
1. Has Shroff been got at?
2. How long before big owners, who have entrusted him with their expensive horseflesh, start deserting him?

  Harin Baxi said ... On : 2/10/2018 8:03:22 PM
I am sure no one would be complaining about it,Many punters took a chance on B52 at lucrative odds,and made money,In Pune the odds were backed down from 8/1 to 4/1,and bookies were offering 30 paise on Teremity

  Mad Max said ... On : 2/10/2018 7:40:54 PM
@ J Shivaji

Learn it is the ill effect of GST.
Who wants 11 from tote?
Have you forgot Castle Bridge episode?

  Jadoo said ... On : 2/10/2018 7:14:15 PM
Pathetic riding by Neeraj on all the horses today. Look at his riding on glorious eyes, lost a certain race and it was very much deliberately done. Followers of this jockey would have burnt their fingers

This is 3rd instance in less than one month at Mumbai that money back favourite lost. First it was castlebridge, then riquewer and today temerity. Its racing at its worst.

  Raj-original said ... On : 2/10/2018 7:12:36 PM
So what Temeriry lost?Who on Earth played it?
At least few made money on B52.
Feel happy for them .

  BKD said ... On : 2/10/2018 6:38:55 PM
No wonder, it was the first leg of the Super Jackpot Pool.
80-90% tickets would have got knocked off,

Undoubtedly, a fixed up race.

  svkraju said ... On : 2/10/2018 6:36:57 PM
My observations are

He is the CULPRIT OF THE TOTAL DAY. Not only today all the RUIA horse ridden by him are lost [ 98% ] because of his riding in this winter season at all centres.

change this jockey and get success. All the best to MUM hunters or punters