Posted By : Aravind Posted On : Feb 09, 2018
Subject :Three center's on single day

We had lot of no races or single center races in Feb 1st to till date.Atleast any one cud hve opted for that.Race clubs must coordinate within them.tomorrow we have three racing center's will confuse Punters and also problematic to Officials also in betting center's.since Hyd,Kol,Mumbai all best center's for betting if club do not entertain all three then it will be loss to punters.Atleast infuture Clubs must avoid designing such programmes.

  Simhan said ... On : 2/10/2018 5:06:48 AM

In Singapore on Sat & Sun, 6 centres Race

betting takes place approximately 56 Races. Australia2,Honkong1,S.africa1,
Macau1, Malaysia1& Singapore live.
From Morning 11am to night 10pm.
Time gap of 10 min/ race.Real Thrill.
Very well organised,Time flies with Money on weekends.

  professor said ... On : 2/9/2018 10:13:55 PM
Do you think punters will bring three times the money
How silly to have such races

  raghavan said ... On : 2/9/2018 10:00:00 PM
To my knowledge,

Chennai is the only center that takes betting of all three centers.

Three centers conducting races is one rare occurrence. If you are madrasi, then enjoy that experience. Be careful about the number of bets. If not from Madras, then enjoy betting to your fancied horses at your center that too utmost selectively.

All race centers are used to double betting. There is no confusion.

Purely from punters' point, they need not bet all races from both center. Select your races from either center and bet barest minimum.

Delhi, I think will take only Bombay races.

  smart-still-poor-punter said ... On : 2/9/2018 8:09:16 PM
Hi Aravind,

I don't how long you have been into racing, but let me tell you it's always dangerous to play even two centers at a time. But some times it may so happen when you have only one centre, it may be a day of upsets and you start feeling one more center would have helped you at least to strike a balance.

Still, it's always wise to focus on one particular centre and play your bets. By doing so, you don't suffer from too many distractions.

I just could not imagine those days when Chennai used to offer three centres at a time, and we punters run from one to another, and many a times play even without knowing what were the real odds. The funniest thing was there will be many who play even after the race got over!

Of Kol, Hyd and Mum, if you have Mum that's the best you can ask for, isn't it!

  Krish said ... On : 2/9/2018 8:04:17 PM
In North America about 25 tracks are conducting racing especially on Saturday & Sundays. One can wager horses in any track at Off Track Betting(OTB)center. You are worried about 3 tracks and loss of horse players.Great!