Posted By : manish Posted On : Oct 10, 2017
Subject :M.A.M.Memorial Ramaswamy Trophy

When the above race was cancelled, it was told that it would be run on 12th October.

But in the race card, this race is missing.

Can someone enlighten.????


Most of the horses has been withdrawn from The Dr.M.A.M.Ramaswamy Trophy and race stand cancelled.

  Kgowda said ... On : 10/11/2017 8:11:05 AM
Very good professionals and officials,
As a racing patron I feel pitty on u guys, is this the way to remember a legend ?? As officials could have framed new race card for 12th or could have postponed the card for some other day by by accommodating in other days card,,, u should respect such a person ,who gave everything he can give to the passion for racing,not when he was alive even after death, he said" show must go on "
Plzzz accommodate the card,