Posted By : Green Marine Posted On : Oct 08, 2017
Subject :Ruffina- Disappointing Run
What a disappointing run by Ruffina today. Where has the sparkle gone? Have to assume Todywala is not able to train classic horses.
  SKSAGAR said ... On : 10/14/2017 7:07:10 PM

@ Srinivas ... These are the World records for various distances ... unless they have been bettered in the last few years:

1006m: PROCREATE - 7 yrs, Weight 120 lbs, Track Hollywood Park, 1995- 53.79 secs(unusually fast dirt track)-on turf the record is 55.20secs held by CHINOOK PASS
1207m: G MALLEAH - 4 yrs,120 lbs Turf Paradise – 1995 – 1min.6.6 secs
1408m: SOARING FREE – 5 yrs, 126 lbs, Woodbine – 2004 – 1 min 19.38 secs
1610 m : MR.LIGHT – 6 yrs, 118 lbs, Gulfstream Park—2005 -1 min.31.41 secs
1811m: KOSTROMA- 5 yrs , 117 lbs, Santa Anita Park – 1991 -1min.43.92 secs
2012m: DOUBLE DISCOUNT- 4yrs,116 lbs,SantaAnitaPark-1977-1m57.4 secs
2213m: WITH APPROVAL --4 yrs, 118 lbs, Belmont Park – 1990 -2m. 10.20 secs
2414m: HAWKSTER – 3 yrs- 121 lbs, Santa Anita Park – 1989 – 2m 22.80 secs
2816m: PAPER JUNCTION- 4 yrs 123 lbs, Lincoln State Fair 1985 2m.50.4 secs.
3218m: PETRONE – 5 yrs, 124 lbs, Hollywood Park- 1969 – 3m-18secs

  srinivas said ... On : 10/12/2017 11:29:47 AM
Dear Sagarji,

Would it be possible for you to provide details of world records in horse racing, for distances varying from 1000m to 3200m ?

For the 2000M, if I remember correctly, Secretariat's world record of 1.59.40 created in 1973 still holds good, although our own Quasar's record of 2.00.06s for 2000M in Mumbai in 2016 comes quite close. Does Secretariat also hold the record for 2400M (where he left the field standing cold with an astounding 31 lengths victory over the hapless 2nd placed horse, in the Belmont Stakes) and 1900M ?

For my academic interest only !


  srinivas said ... On : 10/11/2017 2:32:51 PM
@ SKSagarji,

I relied on Original Vel's commentary in Evatina's record-breaking run, when the publication emphatically mentioned the time of 1.0883 as "world record". Obviously, that statement was wrong, and I now stand corrected.

Thanks for pointing out so politely about World record for 6 f ( 1207m) being 1m 6.6 secs held by G MALLEAH at Turf Paradise in 1995 carrying 120 lbs.

The discussion was on Ruffina, and as you may well understand, my mention of Evatina's record was incidental. Some people have this bad habit of jumping the gun just to be in the news, out of compulsion rather than out of conviction, and the one who commented seems to be one such type.

@Mad Max
Your sarcasm is out of sync of a rationale person, i.e., if you are one !
Whatever gave you the impression that I was referring to Evatina (who is history, and no more racing, so where is the question of "ample scope for it to improve on its performance" - which I alluded to Ruffina). Obviously, you need a crash course in English to understand the nuances. On the other hand, Ruffina is very much in the news, and its best may yet come, even in middle distance races.

  stop fooling punter said ... On : 10/11/2017 10:39:37 AM
I agree with Raj .One should never get emotionally attached to any horse.

See its current form and play .Set aside Quasar are some examples who bit the dust in the end.

Horses are not machines that they can carry on at the same peak levels.

I am sure Trainer Jaiswal would not agree with me just keeps running them again and again even at the age of 10!

  Raj said ... On : 10/10/2017 9:06:06 PM
Who cares as to how it had performed ?
Iam always more worried about catching a winner and even more worried about not going under loss.
Horses come and fade away in 4 years. We have to stay 50 to 60 years here.

  Zeddzzz. said ... On : 10/10/2017 12:14:41 PM
Dear Green Marine.

The Run Of Ruffina Was Not At All Disappointing.
First She Was Running After A Long Lay Off And Small Setback, But Still The Timing She Clocked Iz Very V V Good.
Her Work On Track Was Also Very Easy Because Of The Setback.
Now With This Run And Some Rigorous Track Work n Training, She Will Be Back To Her Best.
Her Ideal Distance Iz Right Now 1400 Mtrs. With Age n Maturity May Be She Can Cover Up To 1600 Mtrs. But More Than 1600 Mtrs, Looks X X Tremely Difficult.

Wishing Her n Her Fans All The Very Best Alwayz.
Take Care.

  Raj said ... On : 10/9/2017 10:59:46 PM
I feel when Srinivas meant "whether it----", here "it" is Ruffina not Evatina.
Anyhow Srinivas has to clarify.

  SKSAGAR said ... On : 10/9/2017 8:32:24 PM
@ Srinivas ji .... World record for 6 f ( 1207m) is 1m 6.6 secs held by G MALLEAH at Turf Paradise in 1995 carrying 120 lbs.

Ruffina`s run was by no means dissapointing.She ran after a long layoff, was quite handy and the timing was very good.

  TRANSPARENCY said ... On : 10/9/2017 6:32:24 PM
one pseudo answering other .lolz

  Mad Max said ... On : 10/9/2017 6:19:52 PM
@ Srinivas ji

Everyday we learn NEW NEW things from Horse Talk.
Our Horse Talkers are so expert in certain things they dont mince words.

.... EVATINA's World record... 1.08+ (New knowledge)
.... EVATINA's chances in the Derby or St.Lager....(Surprised !)

My two penny !
RUFFINA is a just a sprinter, she proved even better in extended sprint (1400m).
With maturity, as a 4 year old + , it may travel a mile trip. I dont think the trainer will ever go adventurous with this filly.
Forget Derby or St.Lager, it may not run a 2000 race ever !

  Wow said ... On : 10/9/2017 5:51:09 PM
Todywalla has had a double Guinness winner in Phoenix Tiger so how can you say he can’t train classic horses. Ruffina was given an easy race as she was racing after 7 months. Now she will be prepared with the 1000 -2000 Guinness coming up in Dec. Wait and watch what she achieves Maybe an early classic double.. She is too brilliant and may not stay the 2400 mt trip as all her brothers and sisters were all 1000 mtr horses. 1600 she is the best this year. Let’s hope for her sake.

  srinivas said ... On : 10/9/2017 2:41:16 PM
Dear All,

Ruffina was on the track almost 9 months after its last win. Obviously, being its first run in such a long time, some rustiness was inevitable. Yet, for it to have won at a record time of 1.09+ secs in recent times. which is only slower to Evatina's world record of 1.08+ on the same track, means that there is ample scope for it to improve on its performance. The only question is whether it can stay longer trips, like the Derby or St.Leger = time will tell !

  Rrajesh said ... On : 10/9/2017 12:09:33 PM
ruffina will always be on board
its a semi classic....the way it won poonawala million

i was surprised that dallas is making it run in an ordinary class 2 race worth 2 lakhs.... but came to know that it had a small setback in march so it did not run after feb .... it won yesterday a class 2 race without suraj pressurising the horse...

now maybe he is ready for the classics in mumbai
it should run a 1600 /2000 race and then they will try for the big ones

  Mohan said ... On : 10/9/2017 9:57:46 AM
Cmon Green Marine,why blame Todywala?These Excellent Art progeny are clearly overrated and false hype by the breeders example Apache Sunrise.