Posted By : Abbas J Posted On : Oct 08, 2017
Subject :Trevor Patel at Australia today
Australia C Race 6 EX,TRI,SPR,QU,PK4
Post Time: 1:10 am

Purse: $12,261 Distance: 5 f Surface: Turf
Tropic Asphalts Hcp [C4]
Race Conditions: Show

1 PP1 M/L 4 Victory Eight 4 Br g 131 Nadeem | Queen`s Colours
Trevor Miller | Adam Sewell
T V Clayton, Mrs L J Clayton, P J Clayton, N Spencer, Mrs K Spen

2 PP3 M/L 13/2 Tarzan 5 B g 125 Drumbeats | Babinda Belle
Stuart Kendrick | Brad Stewart
Mrs T Kendrick, Mrs M A Dawson, Mrs S A Gagel, Ms K G Williamson

3 PP9-M/L 5/2 Jomar`s Element 5 B g 124 Red Element | Jomar Star
Robert Heathcote | T S Patel
Mrs V A Heathcote, A J Norman & D A Rigg

4 PP5-M/L 80 Huncha Duncha 7 B/Br g 120 Lago Delight | Luncheon
Damien Rideout | Matthew Mc Gillivray
D S Rideout

5 PP7 - M/L 6 Real Cute 4 B m 119 Real Saga | Material Girl
Toby Edmonds | Jackson Morris
T N Delaney, Mrs M M F Delaney, S C Radburn, D J Keogh & Austral

6 PP8 -M/L 18 Hi Sexy 6 B m 119 High Chaparral | Spirited And Sexy
David Joice | Darryl Mc Lellan
M L Coleman, K L Hong, L Ryan, Ms E G Hamilton, M J Power & J L

7 PP2-M/L 18 Kyoto Rose 5 B m 119 Red Element | Kyoto Kid
Simone Shultz | Michael Hellyer
H Vallette, D Meneghello, L Hartney & S Shultz

8 PP6 M/L 13/2 Mia Host 6 Ch m 119 Host | Four Seasons
Damien Rideout | Nathan Day
R G Rideout, R A Rideout & D S Rideout

9 PP4- M/L 80 Beyond Hollywood 8 Ch g 119 Zaha | New Theatre
D Chujo | M Shimodaira
Glenn Walter Pty Ltd [Mgr: G R Walter]

Trevor Patel is favorite in Australia C 6th race horse # 3 draw # 9 odds 5/2 good luck everyone Abbas J
  Abbas J said ... On : 10/15/2017 10:48:34 AM
Mr Ayyarnet

I am USA citizen living in USA, Origin citizen of India. I have livelong visa for India usually every year I stay around 4 months in Hyderabad India. And play all indian race tracks, except Madras, ooty, and Delhi. And today here oct 15 timing 1.00 Am they are taking 3 race tracks from Australia. Aus (A) don,t mention the track name Aus (B) Not mention the track name and if I watch races may be they show the name of track and Australia (C) which is Hygain country races going on right now. All 3 tracks running with few minutes difference but I am not able to see (Doomben race track Australia)for betting anyway thanks for tip.


  ayyarnet said ... On : 10/13/2017 2:49:52 PM

Abbas Ji:

I thought that your goodself from India. For you is OK but we in india whenever we get remittance we have to explain to the Bank the reason for remittance.
So Dividents can not be creditred to my Bank Account. Then no use.

Anyway thanks for information/. If you are used to Australian Track on 15th Oct at Doomben - Australia 3 clear winners - Zofonic Dancer /No Abimosity and Nilette



  Abbas J said ... On : 10/13/2017 1:08:57 PM
To Mr Ayyarnet FYI
here is my April 2017 Statements
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  Abbas J said ... On : 10/13/2017 1:03:01 PM
Mr Ayyarnet I lived in New York and Account with NYRA New York racing Association with a line of credit they gave me $1000 to play also. So I play from nyra account and nyra take my money from bank account without any cost. And I can withdrawal without any cost, If i used my current bank account, If i transfer money from credit card it charge a lot with restrictions like limitation etc and credit card company also charge besides the Paypal kind of money transfer company allowed by NYRA. Come to your question first you need to open a account in new york at Belmont track or Aqueduct race track or Saratoga race track this all in new york. And if you not able to open the account any of your very close friend you can trust very much, he can open his account and create a user id and password so you can play with your user id and password from anywhere. and for example you want to deposit 500 dollars from your credit card. usually transfer charges by the company allowed by NYRA charges you around 3% or 5 % percent and your bank will charge you as cash advance withdrawal depend about your bank. you can withdrawal same way. But in India its illegal to play from web. but lot of people play from cyber cafe computers. And again you friend can go and deposit cash at track cashier or betting/vending machine and withdraw cash at track cashier windows by showing nyra account card look like credit card or withdrawal voucher from race playing vending machines. At Belmont race track at least 60 to 80 cashiers and there is 500 betting/vending machine at a time so many track are running same times also. You need a good friend whom you trust very much to open the account on his name. and any time if you win more than 300 % on forecast or tanala or superfecta you have to pay federal states taxes they usually deduct only over 5000 dollars you won. If they not deduct you will send you a 1098 form which is gambling winning form and they send a copy to federal/central and state for taxes you have to show in your income tax you file. And any time you play at New york track they credit 1% to your account and 1/2% if you play out of new york tracks like Santa Anita delmar gulfstream churchill or any track around the world like Australia, france, UK or South Africa etc. they gave your account credit if you make 4000 credit point while betting even winning or losing you will get around 75 dollars credit to you nyra first week of next month. I hope it helpful to you.

  ayyarnet said ... On : 10/11/2017 2:47:02 PM

Abbas Ji:

14th October at DOOMBEN - Australia Trainer Heathcotte has put all his 4 winning Horses - Zofonic Dance, No Animosity, Takarakka and Nillete. Out of 4 2 Horses Zofonic Dancer and No Animossity is a sure Win. Indeed unfortunate that Trevor will not be there to partner the winners.

Please tell me how you get back your dividends in Indian Bank Account. I have a Visa International Credit Card



  ayyarnet said ... On : 10/11/2017 2:26:57 PM

dear friend how you get your earning back to your account in India ?
I am a small exporter. Whenever I receive remittance from abroad I have provide to my Banker full information regarding what for the money received ? I have to submit supporting Documents to the Bank.

Abbas ji please tell how you get dividend back if you win ?
I have Visa International Credit Card



  Abbas J said ... On : 10/10/2017 5:10:06 AM
Sorry to posted about Trevor patel riding in Australia information.

I am able to play from my account more than 100 tracks around the world from which is new york racing association. Except India.

Sorry again
Abbas J

  srinivas said ... On : 10/9/2017 12:57:31 PM
What are you trying to say ?

  arohara said ... On : 10/9/2017 11:02:29 AM
No way ausy race detail useful sir. Limit to indian racing. ?

  ayyarnet said ... On : 10/8/2017 2:12:52 PM

What is the use of this posting for the readers. Trevor rode 3 races today at Sunshine Coast. Just in one race he came Third. Just this information would have been sufficient.