Posted By : Heera Posted On : Oct 07, 2017
Subject :Club and Bookies odds on best horses

Hi to every punter, I believed I am talking about the fact of current horse racing happening in India. Clubs and Bookies are playing with punters.

First punters got impacted due to GST.

Second clubs and Bookies decided not to give good odds to best horses. When I came across two Derbies - Hyderabad and Kolkata the odds of the fav horses are at low odds and field reduced to 6-7 horses. The club and Bookies are not allowing punters to earn money...they are reduced the odds to low prices to good horses and forcing punters to play bad horses at risk. If favourite won, the club and Bookies are not losing any money because they will get the profit from other horses. I request all punters to stop betting on horse racing..only longer odds horses are for owners and trainers..It is better to quit racing till the GST and Odds are in correct position...I am expecting others view on this...thanks to everyone.

  CID said ... On : 10/12/2017 10:37:30 PM
To blame the government is foolish. It’s been elected by a thumping majority to provide Rama rajya which it’s doing . It’s started with renaming itself from the stigma of 7RCR to 7 Lok Kalyan marg.
Coming to the bookies, most are operating from their houses whose addresses can easily be got from the BTC , and accept betting with just a little less than the Mumbai ring odds. They are paying weekly bribes to the authorities and are carrying on this gambling business with complete protection. These bookies will open their odds in their favor and never the punters. If this fact gets into the brains of the addicted punters , then they will understand the betting business.

  p g said ... On : 10/9/2017 8:25:17 AM
Bookies and the Hyd club are in tandem. On the race which is expected to be run on merit, the club tote shows the fav at money back for at least 10 mts. This is used by the bookies to open their odds on fav at 30/100, and they do not go beyond 40/100 at race time, thus punters actually get 28/100 or less deducting 12% illegal tax.

Wonder why should punters pay the bookies even 12% illegal tax, when the money goes directly into their pockets and nothing to govt.

Since 2 or 3 months, the bookies are making a killing, as in every centre, as many as 3 to 4 races are made up races and punters loose heavily and in balance 2 or 3 merit races, one does not get good odds at all.

In today's racing, only the bookies are winners, while the punters and clubs are heavy loosers.

Yesterday's Pune racing, the hot fav get 32/100, ie) which is actually 20/100.

Till few months ago, even Pesi's hot fav would fetch 55/100 or slightly more.

Now, the bookies will kill this sport.

  Chatur said ... On : 10/8/2017 7:48:43 PM
Just imagine Govt wants to stop all gambling in India because gambling is one of the slow poison in the world like gutka, cigarette, brown sugar,etc

  dr harun said ... On : 10/8/2017 7:37:20 PM
The reality is Those who go Horse racing are Addicts and not with the intention making Money.They are burden on their families.After the GST imposition,which sane bloke on Earth will ever think of going to the races.I did not find the GST have any effect on the Punters in Bangalore.The crowds were the usual regulars,rushing in to have a Punt and get 11 bucks for a place.WHy shed tears for these guys

  Neutral View said ... On : 10/8/2017 12:54:52 PM
What do those people have t o say now about GST who were so anti bookies and called them names.. so who's better now, tote or bookies.. Government loots more then the clubs then bookies.
Bangalore and mysore punters are at real loss now. These centers were masters when it came to tote collections. GST has ruined the totes and whatever left is ruined by the clubs by siphoning off the money from tote in the name of taxes. RWITC is the only center not affected by the GST.
These days one can play with bookies with zero tax then why one should go to tote and pay 35% tax.. Only the poor punters are going to suffer. Elite punters have been playing with less tax with bookies so its not affecting them.
Hope common sense prevails with the racing clubs so that they can convince the government about reducing the GST on racing. otherwise racing is going to stop completely in coming years.

  PraveenS said ... On : 10/8/2017 12:36:21 PM
Hyderabad Race club is deducting 57.5% from the punters who are playing at the tote because of this we are getting very little dividends. HRC minimum tote betting is 5rupees what they are doing they are deducting 37% from 5rupees and
distributing 3.25 rupees to punters deducting 1.75 rupees it will be 57.5% if you calculate from 3.25 rupees. Central Govt has done injustice to punters and race club are also robbing punters.

  ravi said ... On : 10/8/2017 11:30:28 AM
Exactly This govt is only looting the punter in the name of GST what is meaning playing win place when u just getting 5 for 5 & risk 100% as wellas win dividend so low that no meaning to plat tote on win too this govt has made the common peoples life miserable by imposing hihest ever GST in all over the world I just got message on whatapp telling me highest ever rate all over the world?18To 28% whwere as only one country has 18% GST so are we so rich country that we have tp pay 28%tax?made people fool to get elected now repay for this.made fool achhe din ?/where gone achhe din this party must be defeated next time if we have to servive