Posted By : racebro Posted On : Aug 13, 2017
Subject :Champion Jockey??
Dear All,

It is difficult to understand how the racing is going on in India, basically who is the controlling? Is it Bookies or Owners?

Out of the blue A IMRAN KHAN who used to ride in Hyderabad becomes the darling boy for who? Owners/Trainers/Bookies? How come he start to ride all over India.

Today he is booked on some good horses, if we had jockeys on board like Sandesh/Suraj/PS/Trevor P, they would become favorite and win as well.


Is he become a really good jockey? Is he really a capable/talented jockey? Is he a bookies boy? or suddenly their is shortage of jockeys in India.

Anyway I feel whoever sits on these one's should win.

Lets watch A Imran Khan riding today!

Good Luck to all punter's/Imran.

Please post your comments. Thanks
  Confused P said ... On : 8/15/2017 8:38:19 PM

And Mallesh's parting wishes were "Be Safe."

  shaps said ... On : 8/14/2017 8:20:52 PM
85 % to 90 % depends on the horse and it's form and fitness.
!0 % to 15 % depends on the jockey, to guide and avoid traffic while racing and the final burst.

That is the reason, give an inform horse to any junior jockey, and you will see that he will most probably win. There are many examples of this at all centers.

Hence horse's form matters much more than the jockey ability.

  stop fooling punter said ... On : 8/14/2017 8:10:11 PM
Come on guys grow up at 45 plus suddenly he wins 4 races. when did he do that in his entire career

Did he show his riding skill in any one of them. In fact the same very writers in the last race wondered why no objection since he did not win the horse did.Her ran a poor race can you deny it?

Why top jockeys were neglected and he given mounts ask this question to your self.

ABC to get good odds be rest assure on a fav he will not be sighted

  racebro said ... On : 8/14/2017 1:11:33 PM
Mad Max/Smart-Still PPS,

Nice write up, I am sure we all agree that it is not just the horse that matters? It is the jockey controlling the horse as well. You can say both matters, but to what % is a big ?

I don't think their is a formula to the calculation, but lets keep it 50-50.

You need a good jokey to ride a good horse.

  Mad Max said ... On : 8/14/2017 1:00:06 PM
@ Tucker
He is related to SM Shah, SS Shah, Faraz Arshad etc


My God It is not Vinod Shinde, his father Vasant Shinde !
And not take the tame of B.Prakash in the biggies list. Inspite of having 2000 wins Dr MAM not considered Prakash a Jockey, For MAM Mallesh Narredu was the best.

  Tucker said ... On : 8/14/2017 12:48:42 PM
Jockey A. I mran Khan belongs to a Family who are associated with Horse Racing in India, especially Chennai !! Trainers Babah Khan, Khan Babah are some of the names who logged the RCing limelight for many years !!! He is the son of Mr. amanullah Khan, past Secretary of Madras Race Club !!

  smart-still-poor-punter said ... On : 8/14/2017 12:40:27 PM
Thank you Mad Max for the additions. It's true that Imran Khan could not get on well in Mumbai despite getting engaged ride for a known stable. I would only like to say that MAM's stable did not give him ample opportunities, keeping him always in the shadow of bigger(?) jockeys.

I very much agree with your remarks that it's the horse that helps the rider to win a horse. That's why we see even a rider like K Raja Rao sometimes bringing a horse to board after getting heavily backed in the ring in the eleventh hour. A R Pradeep also belongs to this category. But there is something called in-born talent which we get to see only in a few jockeys, who can really make the horse run. That magic was noticed in riders like Aslam Khader, Vinod Shinde, Pesi Shroff and B Prakash...

  Mad Max said ... On : 8/14/2017 12:13:01 PM

One important thing in his career you have forgotten to add. He ridden in Mumbai Pune for S.S.Shah (related to Imran Khan) horses owned by Champaklal Zaveri. The owner unceremoniously removed Imran and that is the reason he went down to South. Secondly one more thing to remind you, Afte Prakash and Rajendra, Imran Khan was the Darling of MAM for sometime and in one of the Malakpet Derbies, MAM sent out a THEESARA with IMRAN, where Prakash's mount was Favourite, C.Rajendra's mount was second favourite, but the winner was Imran Khan's horse - all owned by Late MAM.

  santosh kumar said ... On : 8/14/2017 12:02:04 PM
Try backing him when he is engaged on FARAZ ARSHAD's horses at Bangalore,you can be sure of going to the cleaners.

  Bugs Bunny said ... On : 8/14/2017 11:31:06 AM

A.Imran Khan is a Jockey from Chennai who use to win many races in Chennai. Originaly from Gymkhana Club ( Gymkhana Race)

He rode with Jockey Krishnan,Mallesh,Sathish,Corner,etc.,

Now he has been given a chance to ride to show his ability.

Mind You all Chennai has produced many good Jockeys in India, Unfortunately no support.

  smart-still-poor-punter said ... On : 8/14/2017 9:53:38 AM
Hi Friends,

I'm sorry that many of you are not even aware what kind of an experience A Imran Khan has as a jockey. Starting his career as a teenager in Chennai way back in early 1990s, Imran Khan, who incidentally began riding for Chennai-based trainer K S Mandanna, was soon taken in by the famous gold-brown belt colours of Dr M A M Ramaswamy. During those days in Chennai, punters used to watch out for only two jockeys - one Robin Corner, who used to ride MAM mounts regularly (and more regularly at 30/100 odds!) and Imran Khan. The railbirds used to cheer this jockey who used to give his best without fearing for his own life.
Coming from a racing family, Imran Khan slowly graduated into a matured jockey, completing his first 40 wins with aplomb and getting out of the apprentice tag. He soon spread his wings to centers like Hyderabad and Kolkata, where also he showed what kind of a challenge he could pose to the big names.
Ooty, of course, has all along been one of his favourite hunting grounds, although for the last few years he hasn't been concentrating on the hill station, perhaps for want of time.
Now married, Imran has been a very reliable jockey for MAM's stable, notwithstanding the fact he hasn't been tried big by the stable on any occasion. When this rider lost a certain Classic race on a Dominic's mount, he turned so upset that he came out to declare to the punters that he did not lose the race due to over-confidence but loss of whip in the last 50 metres. The irony is that he has a special liking for the whip and that has been his undoing on several occasions, too.
Now in his early 40s, Imran Khan should not be confused with the other Imran Khan who was riding in other centres briefly. He has always been identified with the initial 'A' in publications.
Personally I have been knowing for a very long time in Chennai when I was a news reporter. His love for his mother is known to the media circle as he used to straight come to the canteen after finishing his commitments for the day to buy a packet of biriyani for his mom. A great human being he is!
So, if anyone says that he is a mediocre rider or he is riding by fluke at least people like me who have been into racing for long years are not going to purchase it for any price. He is a sincere jockey, and keeps trying on every mount. That he has not been getting share even at a time when he is celebrating his silver jubilee as a jockey is something leaves people like me guessing! God bless him....

  Mad Max said ... On : 8/14/2017 9:52:24 AM
Instead of Imran Khan like jockeys have several god fathers, we should appreciate lesser mortals like Altaf Sayyed who made a Windfall for the owners on Night Fall. Last week A.R Pradeep scored a double. Nobody noticed it. He was struggling to get a mount with S.Ganapathy. Pradeep Annaiah is gifting him winners. Now tell me, is it the jockey helps the horse to win or the horse helps the jockey to win a race..? This is an important question. It is the horse that matter !

  sankara subramanian said ... On : 8/13/2017 10:17:18 PM
I think he is from Ooty.He is a good start to finish jockey but now he has matured and is riding with confidence.If i remember Altaf Hussain brought him over to Mumbai to ride Dancing prances and he finished second then.This Pune season he is given mounts by many trainers and i feel he is a dependable jockey.He just rides the way he is told to.Just as P.S.Chouhan who left his parent center,Mumbai to Hyderabad to become a well known jockey this could be Imran khan's turn.

  racebro said ... On : 8/13/2017 9:24:34 PM
Hi All,

A Imran Khan - Congratulations!
You Rode like a real Champion Jockey.

I am sure many of you will agree that this sport can make you a king one day and the next day all of us wondering what's is wrong with the champion jockey?

Lot of incidences for you to think its not going fair, but we all forget soon and continue with our logic again.

Anyway lets continue, we cant do much about it.

All the best to you all.

  shaps said ... On : 8/13/2017 8:31:18 PM

Master strategies
Overtime spending of time by them to surmount the GST tax period, and keep the wheels of clubs oiled.

First it was the un-reliable Neraj Rawal, who after many, many years has become the darling of top owners and trainers, in all centres.

Now, for today, they have targetted A Imran Khan. Another darling, people were afraid to play his mounts in Hyd.

People were very apprehensive to play their mounts, and always thinking if he would run forward or backwards. Now, everything has changed.

HOW and WHY ??????????????????????

Though today's results were mostly in the positive side, still some tinkerings are going on.

My personnal opinion is that all clubs will close in a years's time.

  srinivas said ... On : 8/13/2017 12:29:25 PM
he was a good jockey whe he was young but now he is riding terribly

  true caller said ... On : 8/13/2017 12:04:31 PM
Even i am baffeled, is he really that capable all his horses are favourite out of which i think colombiana and forest fairy should prevail,
lets keep finger crossed.

  Hunter said ... On : 8/13/2017 11:44:46 AM
Imran Khan's style used to be to whip the hell out of the horse. Has he changed his riding style, to earn the title of 'Darling Boy'?