Posted By : Punter Posted On : Aug 11, 2017
Subject :Finally a good decision by RWITC
Reduction in the Tote Pool Deductions from 13th August 2017
  lsakumar said ... On : 8/12/2017 11:29:06 AM
requisted BTC members to take a deligation from all centre club members to request FM to look into the GST impact on race already there is drastically less people r coming to race to servive every one has to request FM to review
with regards

  Mad Max said ... On : 8/12/2017 6:42:44 AM
It means so far RWITC charged 57% on various pools (except win and place). BTC published their rates much much below this. While analyzing the dividends it is doubted BTC disburse meager dividends than RWITC. Is it BTC deduct 67% from the pools..? The crowd has come down drastically here, like I stopped betting on BTC tote hundreds of punters moved on to other means. Even the counters are deserted at rush hours, mad rush completely vanished.