Posted By : Rksh_med Posted On : Jul 16, 2017
Subject :Ocean and Beyond ( No more Politics)......a History

Hi Guys
Hope u all had a great derby day....Followers of Magistero must be thrilled! !
Ocean and Beyond ....the classic Indian horse ....offlate the oldest among those now....the horse that represents History of last decade of Indian racing. going to perform in her 63rd race in its career at Kolkata. ...Lets see its history.

OAB is representative of many generations of horses, trainers, jockeys. It had run with Classic Legends like Machupichchu, Ordained One, Xisca, Sunlight. And Midway generation horses like Master Shifu,Superstorm, Windstream,Dandified,Ambrosia Snowdrift. And its currently giving tough fight to horses like Make way for me, KingKong ,etc

Many jockeys were associated with this classic horse. ...Imran Chisty was its first one followed byC.Rajendra, Suraj,R Hughes,Trevo,John,and now apprentices Akash,Sandeep Rajputs,Vinay Jaiswal,etc
Initially trained by Sk Sunderji when it won most Classics and stood one of the best in India at that time, it later went into hands of P.Quinn, Rodrigues,Vikash Jaiswal.
Once owned by Wadhawans. ..its now retained by Shikha Anand
It ran almost in all racing centres in India where it showed its mark...except at Hyd ..only ran once Muriois death Invitation ..when it finished nowhere!!Now running consistently at Kolkata. ..

It started its career in 2010 with a bang...Now its racing in 2017....7 yrs of work being brilliant. ..may be its the lastseason....lets wish good luck...


  svkraju said ... On : 7/18/2017 12:34:45 AM


  smart-still-poor-punter said ... On : 7/17/2017 9:39:43 AM
I am sorry to share my opposite views here. OAB is not as big a horse in popularity as being claimed here. Of course, it ran some good races, but mostly flopped when expected so much. And that's not the hallmark of a great horse.

Earning 3.3 crore from 62 starts is again not a prime achievement... these days classic horses earn this much in about a dozen outings. So let's not go by the amount the horse has earned.

Last but not the least, OAB has changed hands so much that it's very hard to predict what it really has to deliver at this age. Seven years of running must have already taken a heavy toll out of OAB, and expecting it to win at this level is really too much. Isn't it?

  KK Lanka said ... On : 7/17/2017 1:11:21 AM
A very consistent horse winning an amount of 3.3 Cr+ for his owners from his 62 starts. He was on board in 55% of his runs and gave money to punters. Considering stake money, he gave it more than 80% times to owners. Great horse!!!

If we look at his overall performance, most of his wins are from 2000 mtrs. With his current rating in monsoon season, I see his winning chances in "THE GLORIOSA CUP" which is to be run on Wednesday, 20th September, 2017. I am sure trainer would enter him in that race for sure. If given entry, Place is CERTAIN on that day for OAB. (Ofcourse, good jockey is expected)

It may place in the following races if given an entry -

THE SHRI CHARAN MEMORIAL CUP - Wednesday, 9th August, 2017
THE MANOHAR LAL MEMORIAL CUP - Saturday, 26th August, 2017

I would leave him in all other races. I am sure Vikas will retire her with a WIN or good place during this season.

Let's wait and see.