Posted By : ayyarnet Posted On : Jul 14, 2017
Subject :Derby Day

Having witnessed many Derby races I can say that most of the races are already decided one for the 2 days function. Most of the prominent owners like Dhunjibhai, Cyrus Poonawala, Dr.MAM Group, Dr.Vijay Mallaya Unit all will have one trophy. Byramjee family will get one trophy surely. All your calculations
will go out of focus. These are tradition followed for many years. No double trophy for any owner because many of them will have to accomodated.

Just watch the fun for 2 days !!!!


  Mad Max said ... On : 7/17/2017 9:13:24 AM
There is another name for No.6 "CHEKKA" and you know who are they? LOL. I was kidding. In my entire life I have seen so many horses finishing second in a race with numbers 6-6-6

  Unknown said ... On : 7/16/2017 3:57:07 PM
Zenon will win. Just trust sandy

  Aravind said ... On : 7/16/2017 1:30:10 PM
Today 16-07-2017= 24=6 - favouring for 6 number In Derby perfect Star combination very good for this number favour.race no.6 horse no.6 draw no 6. This is very rare choice is Perfect Star.

  srinivas said ... On : 7/15/2017 10:39:51 PM
in banglore all races are decided prior to the start of the race so dont think too much and dont bet too much

  stop fooling punter said ... On : 7/15/2017 10:01:21 PM
One has never seen such a pathtic display by Paddy on these 2 days on derby day his mounts are with champ jockey Tograllu!
It seems he has still to get over last years celebrations

  Aravind said ... On : 7/15/2017 8:26:54 PM
Derby attracted many potential horses.but all second line only.we have not seen super duper horse in this year.if one win one classic next one won by no clear one in this year.but Olympia Filds has very good chance.surely Olympia Fields going to lift this Derby this year.

  reacher said ... On : 7/15/2017 11:28:33 AM
Ayyarnet seems to be the Grand Old Man of the Course, because he says emphatically that he has witnessed many Derby Races and these are tradition followed for many years. A

At least please give your tips for the Derby race.

  Keith Phillips said ... On : 7/15/2017 10:10:21 AM
Just Right...Let's all have a piece of the day...

  sureshot said ... On : 7/15/2017 3:10:21 AM
@ayyarnet to some extent you have a point but then big owners make this investment to win in such race days and the respective trainers make arrangements to target races on such big days. whats wrong in it?. take for instance today's first race which has owners like Shirke, Ruia, Ramaswamy trust, sharmila padmanabhan, Sarainaga and Marthand singh mahandra. Anyone can win but after the race some will say that the race was fixed for a particular owner. My personal belief is that on big days racing is more fairer than on regular days. Punters need to back the right horse with some logic rather than just favorites. Keep an eye on prize money of a race.1st, 5th and 7th race have good prize. also in the 7th race that's my class owners may be the sponsors of the race. i am guessing by the similar name. worth a chance huh?

  Hunter said ... On : 7/15/2017 1:43:36 AM
There has to be regional representation too. So, owners from Kolkata and Delhi have to be given a trophy.