Posted By : ayyarnet Posted On : Jul 12, 2017
Subject :Namma mysuru classic day
This week when the jackpot was carried over I was wondering and totally I forgot next we have colts trial !! Classic event !!! For this event just to attract people it is shame on the part of the club to manipulate few races just to carry forward jackpot. Of course telling them is indeed talking to a robot !! But still we have to call a spade as spade is it not. In due course of time they themselves pay for their misdeeds.

We the punters are like untouchable people for them even though their very existence depends on the punters community. They will not listen and probably they are not aware that it is very easy to cheat the public and whoever responsible for this shameful act will pay right before our eyes. It is certain. Karmic effects will haunt them forever.

With best wishes to all.

  Prakasha said ... On : 7/14/2017 2:45:20 PM
That's 100% true. Karmic effects will haunt them forever in the form of ED, IT raids.....!!!

  smart-still-poor-punter said ... On : 7/14/2017 2:21:29 PM
Hi Ayyarnet,

I feel pity for you, crying over the spilt milk. Of course this is what many race-goers have done, have been doing and have to do for years to come.
When we know touching fire is dangerous, we better engage in it knowing the repercussions. Isn't it? so why turn spokesman of punters?
There is no use in continuing to be a punter and accusing the bookies or owners also. Their job is to cheat us and our job is to delay falling in the trap. But the net result is known...the writing on the wall is clear.
At least today you take a firm decision either to bet and take the risk of facing the consequences or quit racing and be an 'outsider' and still enjoying racing as a sport, something that I have been doing for the last five years after being in it for about 25 years. I tell you only when you see it from outside you understand how much this can hurt you. Today I don't have the guts to take any risk despite rebuilding my financial status and going smooth.
After all, it's hardly possible to rebuild as a punter, trying to give it a second innings only tantamount to ringing your own death bell. Isn't it? Think...