Posted By : rahul71 Posted On : Jul 12, 2017
Subject :R R Byramjee... End of a Glorious Training Era
Legendary Trainer Mr. R.R. Byramji has retired officially from a career spanning six decades during which time he saddled the winners of over 3000 races, 229 Classics, including 10 winners each of the Indian Derby and Bangalore Derby, 12 Indian Turf Invitation Cups, 15 President of India Gold Cups besides 42 seasonal Championships.

Symbolically, Mr. Byramji is to be felicitated by the Bangalore Turf Club and the Karnataka Trainers Association on Kingfisher Derby day.
  Sinndaar said ... On : 7/14/2017 11:22:39 PM
Trainer RR Byramji was a true legend .His horses were super heroes and year after years he churned out numerous such champions, which is a feat in itself. Such was his legacy that punters blindly backed his horses like bankers not only in handicap races but classic races also.He has won many more Indian derbies than the official figure 10 , as some of his horses won in his assistant's care. His record will never be surpassed by any and will be dream for others. My best wishes and prayers for his health and happy retired life.

  ayyarnet said ... On : 7/14/2017 10:12:08 PM

Times of India - Mumbai had one Racing Correspondent by name (nick name) Pegasus His name I think Mr.cecil Fernandes. Many times he won Tipsters Championship,. Before the beginning of the season he used to interview Mr.R.R.Byramjee. He used to give his list of horses in fine condition. True to his word most of his horses will win one by one. Pegasus used to give Jackpot selection with his justification. I am pleased to state that by following his suggestion I had won a few Jackpot - Mumbai Races.

Today our Trainers will never tell any one about their horses and every thing in hush hush mode only.



  smart-still-poor-punter said ... On : 7/14/2017 2:32:33 PM
I was a working journalist then and it was South Indian Derby eve and there was a press conference at the Taj, where all the top brass of Indian racing was there. MAM had 'Generous Patron' (ridden by Sinclair Marshall) and R R Byramji had brought "Maximillion", a Mallya's horse from Bangalore and Pesi Shroff was the rider.
During the press meet, I asked C Krishnan about the chances of GP, and as a loyal rider of his stable he immediately nodded his head in favour of that horse. I was waiting for an opportunity to talk to Byramji, and when it finally materialised I posed him the same question. See how humble he is! He told me "look for my animal in the last 400 metres." Believe me, GP was the hot favourite and was leading freely in the final bend. And it was then that Shroff brought Byramji's mount from the outside and in a matter of seconds it was all over.
The terrific knowledge that Byramji possessed about horses is something I have not seen in any other Indian trainer in my life time. The likes of Padmanabhan, Ganapathy, Deshmukh, Vijay Singh, Lagad and S K Sunderji are okay, but this man is simply outstanding, or, in racing parlance, clearly a distance ahead of others. Wish and pray that God gives him a very happy retired life.

  Dr.Bashaar said ... On : 7/13/2017 11:32:25 AM
I have some anecdotes related to Mr.R.R.Byramji. One surely I would like to share with you all.
This happened during the year when Divine light after having won the Bangalore summer Derby was getting ready for Indian Derby. He used to be stationed in Mumbai for a couple of days in a week ( to monitor the condition of this particular Horse ) and remaining days of the week, he used to be back in B'lore for his assignments in B'lore winter meetings. One such trip of his, I had the previlage of travelling with him from Mahalaxmi ( Race course) to Santacruz ( airport ).( It was a sunday ..Mumbai racing day ).This was my first meeting with him. He told us quite a few things related to racing- that he was instrumental in encouraging Mr.Govindappa to buy Sholay and he had assured them that it is surely a class 1 material. ( This assessment about the capacity of the horse was made before it had started it's carrier!!!! )
In the end when we were approaching santacruz he told 1 horse which would be running that day in Mumbai-( I am sorry I dont remember the name of the horse- but it was trained by Ivor Fernandez )-- that he had observed that horse in the morning gallop twice ( on 2 days ).... it was too good in its work..if you get a price have an each way bet.It was available at 25 to 1 for win and 5 to 1 for place. ( I wasnt willing to believe that the horse was so good.. why would they offer that price, if the horse was so good.. all negative thoughts).. Practically no betting at all in the ring..( The price remained the same throughout ).. The horse won by 5 lenghts!!!... ( I hadnt utilized the opportunity ... no betting because of these negative thoughts ).
It is easy to assess the capacity/ condition of a horse that is under your care. But it needs 7th or 17th sense to assess the capacity/ condition of a horse ( which is not under your care ) ..with just 2 gallops.
Great Mr.Byramji had this 17th sense... that was the real reason for his success.
Sir,I salute you for your achievements. Indian racing circuit will surely miss you. Wishing you all the best in your retired life. Dr.Bashaar

  againstodds said ... On : 7/13/2017 9:28:19 AM

One of the greatest. Wish him a happy retired life.

  Hunter said ... On : 7/13/2017 1:44:24 AM
The maestro retires.
RRB was the true Lord of the ring. At his peak, no other trainer could come near him.

  ayyarnet said ... On : 7/12/2017 8:57:25 PM

I have much respect for him. I used to follow his horses right from Commanche and Sweet Memories etc.,

Although he should have retired bit earlier. Some how he was reluctant to leave his profession. Considering the today's situation it is extremely difficult to have a trainer like R.R.Byramjee. He did not practice "Doosara" and never bothered about odds only Winning the Trophy for his Owner. But unfortunately his son Darius Byramjee some times forgets to follow the ethics followed by his beloved Father. So people will not remember him like his father.

Thank you Mr. Rashid Byramjee for all your good work executed during your tenure and a very successful innings at the turf.

You have followed the good words of your religion and community :

Humatha, Huktha and Huvarastha

Good Words, Good Thoughts and Good Deeds Am I correct sir.

Wishing you a very Happy and pleasant Retired Life.
We all love you so much and we will miss you at the turf.


  Pradeep said ... On : 7/12/2017 8:17:22 PM
I Salute the Master & wish him a very Happy & Healthy retired life.