Posted By : Tarun Posted On : Jun 19, 2017
Subject :Place dividend for Rare & Famous

Rs.544 for place at Bangalore and Rs.240 for place at Mumbai. Can someone conform has any horse paid such a huge dividend for place ever in the history of racing in any centre.
  Aditya said ... On : 6/20/2017 1:57:39 PM
Dear Tarun, there are many instances of high odds ending in place money, mostly many unprofessional and/or zero ethics trainers end up placing at these odds, keep a watch on few of them here in Bangalore, namely mainly:

1) V Lokanath.
2) Narayana Gowda.
3) Prithviraj B and etc.

Another way to filters these culprits is check the race card of these trainers horses, almost many previous runs of these horses will have some type of run obstruct/hamper, like sl, pl, bp, bv, ih, hi, do, wl.. blah blah... check for the same with the above mentioned 3 trainers.

These above few mentioned names have zero knowledge of the "Game" nor training, they just want to play safe, for ex: they would have 60-80 rating capable horse, but pull it down in handicapping to 0 to 25 or 25 to 50, and "they and their" coterie play big on place or sometimes win and make their 3-6 month earnings, don't ask me who is "they and their", it is left to the readers imagination, experience, or connections.

Next rung cheaters, who mainly pull off a win with same formula are, Neil Darashah, Narredu clan, Warren, Britto, Dominic, Prasanna Kumar, Sandhu, Ganapathy, Pradeep Annaiah, etc... these guys mostly loose when their horse stands tall in genuine handicapping, but win it at big odds in next few runs, where ME and YOU wouldn't have bet that day..

And all this happens in front of all our naked eyes and the race club want's us to believe that the races run on merit ... LoL

  Ram Krishna said ... On : 6/19/2017 10:08:41 PM
You seem to be a newbie in racing.

There have been many instances in my racing career where the place payout has been a lot more than rs.544. just to quote one, the payout in Pune 2016 race no.200,Time of my life, which placed 2nd, was nearly rs.800 in Bangalore (it paid a whopping Rs.3500 for shp.