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Subject :Losses made by RWITC as follows At. Pune AND M
Losses made by RWITC as follows At. Pune AND Mumbai

The Financial year of your Club Continues to improve with an all time huge profit of approximately Rs. 13 crores (Unaudited) and also an all time record sponsorship both at Mumbai and Pune. As a move to benefit the owners, the Committee has increased stake money by almost Rs. 2.60 crores for the racing season 2008 – 2009 as per Dr. Cyrus Poonawala, Ex. Chairman (Vo. 3, Reg. 10/08, Pune Seasons 2008). We have Proof of above document .

Painting fraud

1) We paint our house in three years or five years and but at RWITC paints race courses every year that with by using cheap paints and middles man earns crores of rupees last thirty years .

Plants Fraud

2).Closing down of existing plants nursery and then buying of new plants from various agents the Agents earns lacks of rupees at race courses and also netting of chairs works was done every year that to runs into Lakhs for Pune and Mumbai Racecourse.

3). Pvt Security middle man made lakhs of rupees during last twenty years, as he pays per guard Rs. 10,500/ and the bill is made about 20,000/ thousand per guard.

4). Betting tickets fraud since last 20 years and mobiles badges.

5). Race Day workers payments frauds on double races and from Mumbai to Pune and hotels bills, where we could pay exert to Pune workers which we could have saved lakhs of rupees.

6). Horses sold to others centers the middle man makes Rs. 3.Cr through Ali Irain (His Trainer Lagad friend as they had taken club member Amir Parin for ride who had expose this fraud of this gang ) as which club could have taken 25% commission as R.T.O doses it or this money could go to Rider boys and horse handlers fund now who will pay G.S.T.

7). Lights bills could have come to 35% percents less if Led Bulbs and solar lights had been installed in stabling area and bund schools and in round race courses with solar lights this would been a plus point in saving of electricity bills so many years.

8). Due to above misconduct of middle man the salary of the of staff and others workers have been reduced.

9). Commissions could have paid to RWITC from these agents on events days i.e. from decorators, gensets suppliers, hard drinks (liquor), soft drinks, tables and chairs supplied, Cakes, mutton, fish, vegetables , rice , wheat's, and etc.

10). Toilets soaps, detergent, stationery supplies. Race Day shuttles (Innova) as the RWITC owns luxurous vehicles then why we are paying lacks rupees made for just few trips as hardly few clubs members used the shuttle service.

11). Giving commission to Governments staff to labour, excises, MSECL staff at Pune and Mumbai and travel agent.

12). Middle man taking commission for track works and cleaning round but this work is taking by are workers and race day women's are paid Rs.160 and they are to come at 8.30.and but attendances are taking at

13). Now it is free for all in Pune members pay a tip you are allowed to walk in free

14). Living conditions of race works are worst. Canteen food is worst than street side foods which is supplied as per phase there are three types of food and teas and coffee. And workers clothes, rain coats, shoes, sweaters , are sub standard supplied and again huge commission is earned by middle man.

15). Acceptance, Handicaps, Declarations are sold to book makers and to their well wishers at IVB office.

16). Gate workers are paid less that's why they do under tables work as all are hand glove by order of peoples sitting in Offices.

17).Main losses is made by Book makers who do not enter in their betting records in their sheet from race to race accounts why this not brought notice of the club and committee and Auditors are very much involved for losses of the club and IVB staff at Pune . and Mumbai

18). Why club not club put tenders of work in newspapers and on line of BANGALORE RACE CLUB AND HYDERABAD CLUB and any things have to be purchases through online system which will save a lakhs of rupees of the club..

19).AS per clubs members club lawyers and advisors have made good wealth and health at the mercy of the RWITC.

20). The person organizing events at Pune and Mumbai takes a commission at large scale and during last 25 years at Mumbai and Pune Courses and it is time members should ask this Q .

21). Who taken commission for settling the lease of Mumbai race course and the amount which still not stille .

22). Adds released in Cole and Bole where is 10 to 15 percent commission gone who ever runs add agency gives commission is given last 25 years has gone in to whose pockets .

23). It is alleged that Ex.Committee members used club money why it was not returned if want can go through a/c.books .

24). And accounts office should be held responsible all these losses. .

25). T.D.S. of racing punters is not submitted to Income tax. Authorities in Pune and Mumbai.

26). Old furniture worth lacks of rupees was robbered and teak wood railings vanished by middle peoples And old cars sold at the rate of peanuts and Diesel and petrol and oil fraud.

27). It is rule owners of horses running is allowed to attend on the race day if his horses are running and not on off courses but the owner of the horses are attending the races on all race day.

28). Why huge stand scarp money of huge grills worth crore and whose pocket it went in Mumbai – Second Enclosure..

29). Doctor scam we could get free medicine from company as other Doctors get as samples as hey are huge amounts on samples.

  raghavan said ... On : 6/20/2017 11:12:49 AM
@Muneer Mirza,

You have mentioned too many instances of bogus bills that are okayed by the turf club. Well. You may be having some genuine concern at such leakage. But, as far as turf club is concerned, there is much higher volume of revenue loss than the total quantum of fraud involved in all the items that you have listed.

I am reminding you about 10%. If the transactions in bet sheet of the leading book maker is verified, then he would be paying not even 5k per race as club commission plus betting tax. When such a big loot is winked at by the management, what moral strength would they be having to fix responsibility of unscrupulous personnel in purchase department, civil/electrical engineering wing etc?

For years together, bookies cheated the Government/club. And during this period dishonest people pocketed their commission in all purchases and civil works. Whatever little cash surplus was there in the reserves was squandered away by spending on celebrities, western dance troops etc. All bandit kings and queens have to take a lot of tution from the the turf club management and officers as to "how to loot without getting caught".

  smart-still-poor-punter said ... On : 6/19/2017 3:23:07 PM
A good analysis! But do you think the condition is any better in other popular race-courses? Not at all.

  chanakya said ... On : 6/19/2017 12:41:54 PM
Most of the charges are true. No doubt about it. Those club members, officials and intermediaries are behind this 'loot' must be exposed, brought to book and jailed...

  Blockbuster said ... On : 6/18/2017 6:21:43 PM
In short, the club has been taken to the cleaners by some vested interests who pretend to be the benefactors.

  PraveenS said ... On : 6/18/2017 12:30:33 PM
You made excellent points I totally agree with you.

  Bhawalakarmadam said ... On : 6/18/2017 10:29:08 AM
We hope the present RWITC officials will reply to the above.

  stop fooling punter said ... On : 6/18/2017 9:11:20 AM
AS per my info there are massive losses during MUM season .this is now being blamed on night racing.

To add to the current problems as many as 300 horses are down with a mystery sickness. MUM horses have been told to stay put and ones in BNG will remain here for the time being.
Pune racing season is now delayed to ist/mid week of August,if horses recover by than.