Posted By : Mad Max Posted On : Jun 16, 2017
Subject :Bangalore Weather around BTC
Light rains during evening hours, heavy overcast conditions through out night and also tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Rains Expected in the night !!!!!

So..... tomorrow races may be.......
(Wait for the update tomorrow morning at 6 AM from Mad Max)
  Ganesh said ... On : 6/17/2017 12:15:00 PM
1-6mint conform place

  srinivasan said ... On : 6/17/2017 10:19:14 AM
There are three way to know 90% weather conditions.
1. In Windows 10 click on windows squre (At bottom left) it will show you conditions for 24 hours.
2. Visit, click on India map and at the top click on PLAY button you can see the clouds moving over Bengaluru or not.
3. Visit, when opened click on weather select local (If you arein Bengaluru otherwise select the city) again select HOURLY WEATHER, you will see the graphical presentation for seven days. Each hour for every day.
4. You can explore on (Indian governement web site)
I feel this is sufficiant.
Thank you

  Made Max said ... On : 6/17/2017 6:05:31 AM
No serious rains in the night. Morning weather looks cloudy but clear. Races may be on but the Penetrometer reading may be around 5 cm or more.

  star contendar said ... On : 6/17/2017 4:59:27 AM
no night rains in bangalore.