Posted By : Venu Posted On : Jan 11, 2017
Subject :Aika Aika Aika for Chennai Derby

It will be Aika Aika Aika for the Chennai Derby on 14th January. King of the World will follow him home.

  Mad Max said ... On : 1/14/2017 12:25:58 PM
@ To all NAMID's fans

Forget win, how can your NAMID come in place?

Look at the equation re-written by Official Handicapper.
Race No.52, first three horses in photo finish, in this order KINGOFTHEWORLD (+3.5 kg), MAGISTERIO (+11 kg), FABULOUS (12.5 kg), and further one leg behind SALAZAAR (+5 Kg). Favourite NAMID (+/- no penalty or increasing in weight) finished 6th. All carried 56 kg, now carrying 1 kg more. Now read the penalty given by the official handicapper in brackets against horse names (literally the rating indicate the progress of the horse as per OH). Now you people are fancying NAMID..? My God!

Now look at AIKA AIKA AIKA, it was beaten by COMMON WEALTH won on objection. Common Wealth is ridden by an outsider for Mangalorkar, hence FABULOUS comes in the picture as a prime contender from that stable. S.Ganapathy has prepared MAGISTERO with this event in view, and in my opinion everyone has to beat the duo FABULOUS & MAGISTERO. Then you have got SALAZAAR a late foal (June Foal) Unpredictable.

My choice: MAGISTERO Vs FABULOUS vs MAGISTERo (anyways)

  ashwinn said ... On : 1/14/2017 9:45:05 AM
@ Madmax..
how can u ignore a horse which is flying towards finish in long distance races....
The race should be between AIKA AIKA AIKA...NAMID ....Salazaar..Faboulous...
expecting a close finish between Namid and AIKA AIKA AIKA

  Jaykumar said ... On : 1/13/2017 11:51:03 PM
Magistero will win Chennai Derby. Tribute to Ramaswamy.

  Punter said ... On : 1/13/2017 6:33:11 PM
Watch out for SALAZAAR, should be a good each way bet for the derby.

  Partha Ranganathan said ... On : 1/13/2017 12:41:10 PM
Gentlemen, NAMID is all set to win the SI Derby Stakes at good odds, from FABULOUS.Happy Pongal to all.

  Goldman Cayabyab said ... On : 1/12/2017 11:59:46 PM
@ Athresh......

Sir... Common Wealth is now Ridden by Neeraj Rawal,Not by David Allan.......
Now i see.. FABULOUS... under S.JOHN.. in 1-2-3... most likly.. WINNER...

Regards.. Happy Pongal.. all

,,,,, Goldman Cayabyab ,,,,,

  aravind said ... On : 1/12/2017 1:50:42 PM
It is interesting to see after a very long years outstation horses competing in Madras Derby. Though the potential of the contestants are below far for a such Stakes money, sure Chenaites will enjoy Pongal Week seeing all top rated jockeys in action here. Those were days Lester,Wally,barclay,meckown, from UK France, showed their skills riding in Chennai. It was glorious days for the racing Punters. Entire course,parking lot had to wore festive look. Let us see this year atleast some old magic returns to Pongal Chennai Derby.

Best of Luck to Officials/Stewards/Owners/Trainers/Jockeys/Handlers and to all
Great Chennai Punters. Happy Pongal Derby!!!

  Athresh said ... On : 1/12/2017 12:38:37 PM
Common wealth will be ridden by David Allan. Fabulous to be ridden by S john. Towering heights to be ridden by Ryan marshal. King of the world zervan. Named by Suraj .aika Aika Aika probably by srinath

  PKR said ... On : 1/12/2017 12:26:36 PM

Its a Mediocre field .Open race all the contestants are running 12 f for the 1st time Anybody's race.some horses have run 10 f max.

  Mad Max said ... On : 1/12/2017 10:54:51 AM
@ Venu
You should satisfy yourself that AAA won on objection.
There is no need to make further hype around AAA.
Chennai Derby is another story.

  winning_punter said ... On : 1/12/2017 9:17:38 AM
Undoubtedly Common Wealth it will be.

  Goldman Cayabyab. said ... On : 1/12/2017 9:11:35 AM
..... @ Chennai Derby ......14-01-2017...

If not.. withdrawn.... COMMON WEALTH.. will lift DERBY..
/// A.Mangolkar.. and if S.JOHN.. in saddle... more chances.. Good luck..

,,,, Goldman Cayabyab ,,,,,

  Reacher said ... On : 1/12/2017 2:16:36 AM
Into the spotlight with David Allan

  Ravi said ... On : 1/11/2017 10:14:13 PM
Common Wealth one horse race