Posted By : ayyarnet Posted On : Jun 09, 2013
Subject :Association for Punters

I think Race Horse Owners Trainers and Jockeys and even Bookmakers have their association to represent their views and grievances to the Authorities. It is time that Punters also must have an Association to represent their opinions and views as well as grievances to the Authorities.

Without Horses there can not be races similarly without Punters or Public participation there can not be Races. Take for example ooty Races hardly any ones goes to watch the race. At chennai Book Makers Ring is almost empty.

Public contribution also plays an important role in organizing Horse Races efficiently.

Thanks to INDIA RACE.COM for providing a platform for us to express our thoughts and opinions. But then it is almost like HYDEPARK in London where any one can go and give a Lecture. What we discuss is shared among us only and no fruitful action will emerge from the authorities.

So it is time that we form a an Association with an office at Bangalore having a Chairman, Secretary etc., Of course all punters are welcome to join as members.

I would like to hear the valuable opinion from our friends. May be Bangalore based reputed and respected persons in the society like our Dr.Nath can initiate and form an Association for the investing public on Horse Races.

Horse Racing irrespective of the plus and minus points provides an excellent avenue for revenue. If invested properly avoiding greediness provides excellent return. Last year just before the Bangalore Races our friend Mr. Vamanan suggested an excellent method - Rolling place money every race. He even worked out how we can make a million by rolling place bet only and it is not so difficult to pick up one sure place bet on any race day. We have excellent contribution and suggestions and tips from our expert friends through India I really took it as a Project and went upto 50K from mere 500. Book makers at chennai refuse to accept big amount on place bet on more or less sure horses. I had to stop at 50K only. Even for this amount also I had to split the betting amount and play with 2 or 3 book makers.
Everything is good or bad it depends on the angle you look at it.

Good Luck to all.

  raghavan said ... On : 6/18/2013 11:55:51 AM

Mr Shaka Zulu,

I placed a bet on you at Mysore for win/shp (smaller amount) and place very high amount(by my standards). I had never expected that instead of finishing a fighting win/2nd or at least a face saving 3rd, you decided to remain out of frame.

As regarding 16/- place bet is concerned, I have given up that wild goose chase long back.

  alfreddy said ... On : 6/17/2013 11:48:04 PM

Yaraana ji meri batoon me tang mat ada-eeya.

main jaankar Faankar hoon..

  Yaraana said ... On : 6/17/2013 4:05:38 PM

Alfrediji, Ayyarnatji ek prayas kar raha hai, aap unko prerna dijiye. aise bhi ho sakta hai, chenai mein unka assocision ban jaye tho phir aap kaya bologe.helping nahi kar sakte ho tho phir tang mat ariye.shukriyaji.

  shakazulu said ... On : 6/16/2013 8:45:12 PM

@ ayyarnet

By any chance did u follow ur jockeys ps chouhan , imran chisty , suraj narredu

@ raghavan

did u try rs 16 place bets on btc tote


  alfreddy said ... On : 6/16/2013 11:00:29 AM

You proudly say you go to race Course not for merely betting but meeting many friends and they have helped you in personal business also.You have reciprocated also to many.
How Funny of you since you have not replied to my query of 6/9/2013 11:23:34 PM.
Forget association see whether you can get even five from HT at one meeting place.
Forget lecturing Shri.Vijay chellani:as he was unable to get even three together at Mahalaxmi.
So I conclude Vijay speaks through experirnce and you my Sir only via fantasy.

My experience says start small then think big.
Your idea is to think very BIG and then not even make a begining.
I guess you need not reciprocate to this.

  Krish...Mumbai said ... On : 6/14/2013 11:20:34 PM

6/14/2013 9:13:02 PM....'I want a professional body representing the elite group who are reasonably educated and financially stable and taking Races for their Bread and Butter'....very true Sir and I think our Godzy Sir deserves the first person to enroll, followed by Shri Raghavan, Dr. Cruise, Alfreddy.and so a lighter mode.

Seriously speaking your intentions are very good...and u too a good Gentleman.Thanks

  ayyarnet said ... On : 6/14/2013 9:13:02 PM

Shri.Vijay chellani:

Sayin our Association is not for focussing betting. We want to form a group well respected, educated lot from the Racegoers. We are not hooligans ending up with blows to each other. Apart from betting there is something else also there in Racing.

In fact when I was working in Mumbai I used to go to Race Course not for merely betting but meeting many friends and they have helped me in my personal business also.I have reciprocated also to many. Betting is just an excuse and we are not living on betting money. This is just a hobby and may other good things are there in Racing. After the Race we used to go to Khandeel Restaurant Opp. Mumbai University or Kwality Restaurant at Bandbox. Whether we win or not we used to celebrate the evening. We are not mad after betting.

What you have said about the existing WALI Group is truse. But their standard quite different. Too many cooks spoils the Dinner. That is I do not go very deep in refering tips.

Sayin you must know watching the Race as a fun or sports is one thing and making money in the races is another thing. Both are like parallel lines meeting only at infinitive.

Sportsman burns midnight oil refers pedigree previous history etc., he is preparing himself like a student appearing for exam. He comes with a preconceived thought that this horse is unbeatable. Kaun si be halath se haar nahi satha hai. They will even say goda har gaya tho my mush nikaal doonga.These things must be taken as entertaining talk and seriously. Where as Businessman never bother about pedigree previous history etc. He just find out what is night odds what is morning odds. Who is in the saddle. Who is the owner whather Farook Ruttonsey or Dr.Cyruspoonawala or Dhunjibhai or even SC Jain is there in the list. He plays a few Ks and collect his money and leaves the Race course to celebrate his evening with Kingfisher Premium.

Our sportsman friends remains at the Race course till the announcement of the Jackpot Dividend and dream a while how nice it would have been if they have nominated correctly and do a postmortem for a while and the Security guard comes and tells them that the show is over please come and try your luck next week.

I want a professional body representing the elite group who are reasonably educated and financially stable and taking Races for their Bread and Butter. There is a joy and meeting friends also there in Racing and not merely throwing money blindly.

Do you get me sir.

I hope you have enjoyed your Delhi trip even though you were only went as ALSO RAN giving much importance to your beloved wife. See how my memory works.

Wishing you all the best.

  ayyarnet said ... On : 6/14/2013 8:48:58 PM

Mr.Krish - Mumbai

Only seed has been sown and as such you can not say Association is dissolved.

  Dr.K.R.Nath said ... On : 6/14/2013 2:29:17 PM

Dear Dynamo,
Thanks a lot for suggesting checking-Farmington High school class of 1961.
I was taken aback to see a huge number of songs by singers not known to the present generation.I enjoyed listening to a few yesterday but to my surprise-I saw Linda is NOT there.
I know i have heard it atleast a hundred times in Vizag between 1962 and 1964 when i did M.Sc in the Andhra University.Unfortunately,the singers name has escaped my memory.

Hello GP-can you help me here.
Thanks again,Dynamo.

  Krish...Mumbai said ... On : 6/14/2013 1:10:41 PM

Seems Punter Association dissolved!!!

  Golden Girl said ... On : 6/13/2013 12:14:41 PM

Dr.Nath,As spirit is not willing,and there is neither inclination nor time,let us drop the idea.

  shankar said ... On : 6/12/2013 10:31:41 PM

JAI site is active

who they are & what they do is mentioned in site

If Punters Association of India is formed -

What to do is first question

next question is who are we ,

some VVIP's with suggestions are yet to disclose their name

so Punters association is NON Starter.

  Tucker said ... On : 6/12/2013 1:47:19 PM
@ Dr. K.R.Nath,

Very Glad that you have suggested some ways and would try in this!!!!!!!! Wishing you All the Best!!!! I will be the first person to support your efforts!!!!

@ Godzy,

I feel RSL is really a Nice Person!!!!!!

With regards,


  Vijay said ... On : 6/12/2013 12:31:09 PM

Dear all,
This is my genuine observation about EXISTING associations of punters at Mahalaxmi:
I seldom play jackpot but someone tried to sell me the idea of joining one or more groups of punters who were associates in 'Jackpot betting.'I decided to first check out how they were faring.

The groups play jackpot collectively-sharing the costs and returns. They make several tickets on basis of 'Majority choice/s.'These are refrred to as "160 waali--240 waali--300 waali" etc depending upon the value of the ticket. All selections of every leg are by majority vote.

More often than not, one or other of their ticket bears fruit and they do end up with some gain after recieving their share--- but that's not the end of the story. The individuals of that group often are unhappy about their choice not recieving majority vote--thereby being left out. Tempers run quite high when a fluke which was suggested by one person failed to get majority vote and wins the race. I have witnessed one such scene where blows were exchanged.

Another thing which casts doubt on the faith in the association is that some of them-seperately-play win on their choice which did not find majority vote. If it wins, there is a similar fiasco unless the player keeps his secret win to himself.
All said and done it seems that gambling is done from the HEART rather than from the MIND--how then can there be any scope for an Association of Punters?'


  Dr.K.R.Nath said ... On : 6/12/2013 12:02:29 PM

Dear Ayyernet,
I am overwhelmed by your affection nominating me for Giving away A trophy to the honest jockey and your wanting me to take the lead in forming an Association for the punters.Let me express my grateful thanks to you and a few others who have taken my name in this connection.
Before i say anything on the topic,i would like to talk to a few friends in BTC this weekend.On the face of it,practicality of such a thing happening looks remote;the biggest problem will be OUR STANDING with concerned bodies who are in a position to solve our problems.Add to this,our spread all over India and the difficulty of coming together on any given day.
I see that majority contributing here are from Madras and obviously,the pathetic conditions in Guindy have made them think of this idea.
Other race courses may not be all that worse of in respect of Chairs,Canteen and toilet,etc facilities.
Be that as it may,all of are able to visualise the problems of others and who knows,if someone from HT becomes a Steward, he may be able to tackle these problems in HIS Club.
Arising out of this,how about trying making an Official of the Turf Club read Horse Talk on regular basis and understand our problems and try his best to find solutions?

Dear Golden Girl,
In Bangalore,the first two favorites will pay on Tote not more than Rs 12-14.It has to be either 3rd or 4th Favorite which will give beyond Rs.16.
Not many Bookies offer Place odds in the beginning and quite a few dont offer at all.And of course,you have to give full tax or half tax to them.
Last Sunday,when all the favorites failed except Lovely lady,i did see a few persons being plus thanks to Lovely Lady and Billion.You can draw your own conclusions.

Dynamo-Thanks,i will try.I still think the version i heard is by someone else.


  godzilla said ... On : 6/11/2013 10:52:26 PM


When my friend asked RSL whether the three WWWs are meant for punters to make money and go home wrapping up the money, he said, that is what he meant as he cares for Punters welfare.

Do you believe this statement ? I just want to know whether every bookie is punter friendly like RSL ?

  ArlingtonPark said ... On : 6/11/2013 7:28:05 PM
Hi Godzilla,

If you remember the previous names,

AASHIRWAAD - It meant welcome and place your bet, We wish you make money.

DHANYAWAAD - Thanks for your donation.

WAIT WIN AND WRAP UP - WAIT for the result, if your horse WIN then you are lucky, most probably you will WRAP UP and go home empty handed.

  godzilla said ... On : 6/11/2013 5:31:36 PM

In Chennai, RS Lulla has named his Bookie Stall as WAIT WIN AND WRAP UP !!! Can anyone throw light what one could interpret with the title of his Stall ?

  ayyarnet said ... On : 6/11/2013 4:29:41 PM


Please try Mr.Vamanan idea of rolling place bet for many Race days. It works out. Since you are based at BNG betting big amount may not be a problem for Place horses.

Condition - you must roll all that you receive. Since you are financially sound you will have the patience NOT to such the money for one month' Try place bet only and even if you get 80 or 90 paise it is OK. But continue your usual betting as you please. Take this only as a Project.

You have not said any thing about the proposed Association for us.

My dreams - Having a General body Meeting coinciding Derby Day in a 5 Star Hotel and thereby we will have the chance to meet every one and shake hands and gossip a bit which horse was pulled or pushed and when.

Arranging a trip to EPSOM for Racegoers.

Presenting a trophy to a honest jockey who gave much profit to the punters on the last day on behalf of the Association from Dr.Nath.

Some social activities as desired by members.

I think my dream may not realize. I came to the conclusion based on the input received here.

Pls take care of yourself.All the best.

  Golden Girl said ... On : 6/11/2013 4:29:33 PM

Dr.Nath,I am so glad that you have decided to join this exercise.The idea is to get a horse for place that pays 16 or more and then roll that money for ten horses in the Banglore season.Mr.Raghvan is starting with 1k,(I presume).You can decide your own starting bet.The whole amount(capital+dividend)has to be rolled on the next bet(place only).Since the favourite or the second favourite do not pay more than 12 or 13 in place at Tote,I will have to find the other horse that is a sure shot for place.Of course ,if you do not like the horse suggested by me,you can skip the race.There is always another day.Regards.

  Golden Girl said ... On : 6/11/2013 4:11:41 PM

Raghavan,I will post you before 11 and when I find a horse for place that will pay atleast 16 on tote.I am happy to know that you have agreed to give a retry for this excercise.Dr.Nath is also joining us,which is a good luck sign for us.So all the best for the future Banglore meetings.

  Krish...Mumbai said ... On : 6/11/2013 3:38:43 PM

6/10/2013 12:52:18 PM

First of all this type of association is not feasible in any game where money is involved rather gambling. Who will give you the accreditation or recognition of the Association...Turf Club, Respective State High Courts, or any other Govt Authority...what Dr.Cruise_Bang said is correct.

There is a too good Tamil Trust in Mumbai called...THIRU MURUGAN SAMAJAM...they help poor people of villages of Maharastra State with foods, clothes, money etc etc...recently they are coming up with an Ayyapa Mandir at Mumbai...the secretary stays in the same Tower, where I stay.I myself with other society members(though we r not Tamilians) give donation towards this organisation according to each and everyone's capacity....while u go towards Ahmedabad by NH-4 and approaching towards Wada...prior 10kms on the right hand side comes the famous RAMAKRISHNA MISSION...and wonderful place for peace of mind...I used to go with my family and donate clothes there once in a year. Tamilians r very good by nature and educative...Very nice to hear from you and ur and large I have seen in racing... Tamilians r very good in picking winners than others....With Best Regards...Krish...Mumbai

  punternational said ... On : 6/11/2013 11:29:02 AM

Wow! Its amazing so many of you wasted ur time over smthng which is practically impossible to execute! Punters consist of all strata's of society..maybe just about 1% of the nations punters exist on HT. So how do u intend to create the awareness n backing required to ensure this association has any kind of credibility? When bookies, jockeys, syces, etc are unhappy with smthng they go on an organized strike..punters are always unhappy n mistreated however it is impossible to initiate a punters strike simply because there is no such forum where these issues can be addressed to one n all. Did u get the keywords?? 'There is' no such forum n 'there never' will be!

  Dynamo said ... On : 6/11/2013 10:13:46 AM

Punters' Association ....there will be perpetual clash of two punters ever agree and where is the question of Association and I agree with Tucker no use will be served to the punters. As Godzilla says, every one would like to be the Treasurer of this Association! There is a saying that in a certain community if four people are there they will form three associations. Like that we will have a mushroom of Punters' Ass ociations.

  Cruise_B'lore said ... On : 6/11/2013 2:38:29 AM

Hello Ayyarnet,

Which Turf body will ever recognize such an association,if ever formed?
Be realistic and practical.


  Tucker said ... On : 6/10/2013 9:14:21 PM
@ Raghavan,
I appreciate your HUMBLENESS !!!! Don't worry no such Assn. will be formed, I presume from the light hearted expressions and opinions of posts so far appeared herein. To my knowledge there is no such Assn. in Chennai race course or I am not aware of it. If it exists then it doesn't deserve any recognition since the basic requirements of punters are not attended to. What I meant was
pucca canteen facilities, clean toilets, clean environment, no botheration of stray dogs all around, FIRST AID facilities since most of the punters are senior citizens ( in chennai) and above all at least chairs for Punters to relax which form the basic needs of anyone who PAYS for his entry for a show. To take up these issues there should be some sort of an Assn. of punters which only I suggested( I don't refer to the facilities available in foreign countries).

I appreciate the efforts of Shri Ayyarnet in solving the problems which are basically the main area of the state and central Govts.

I am really surprised how the MAIN TOPIC of Ayyarnet has attracted lessons in punting!!!!!!!!!,

With regards,


  Dynamo said ... On : 6/10/2013 9:12:19 PM

Dear Dr Nath,

I saw Linda late last night was sung by Dickey Lee. Do you want to listen to the song? Go to the site Farmington High School Class of 1961 and there is a jukebox where you can listen to this song and many more of the sixties collection.

  shiv mishra said ... On : 6/10/2013 8:04:08 PM

Respected Dr. Nath &Golden Girl and all irian's
The idea of formation of Association is good.


  raghavan said ... On : 6/10/2013 7:20:08 PM

Miss Golden Girl,

It is rather doubtful as to whether 'Punter's association' will be constituted in the near future. Unlike other workers where a fixed sum is guaranteed as salary, for most of the punters it is a daily battle for survival. Only a very small fraction of punters are smart enough in fund management. Monthly subscription from punters will be the most cruel punishment that we can impose. Of course, if some big guns in the racing like Vijay Mallya, Dr MAM, Khaitan, Poonawalla sponsor such organisation and appoint men with high level of integrity to manage, than that is a different issue. Punter's association 100% managed by punters will be a totally non-starter.

You are talking about 5 lakh subsidy to the big loser! Forget about punters' association. Even Reserve Bank will not be handle to fund such things.

'If he does not know racing, the punters association will teach him'!

Two ladies, both in 50s met each other in a mall. They were friends in their school/college days, but separated after marriage. After exchanging the greetings one lady asked the other about her husband. With a deep sigh, she said. "My husband is a big head ache. He does not know drinking; he does not know playing cards; he does not know betting on horses!" What!! exclaimed the other one. One should be proud to have such an husband. Then the lady elaborated. "What I meant was, my husband does not know drinking; but he drinks. He does not know playing cards. But...". This description fits majority of the punters.

  raghavan said ... On : 6/10/2013 4:17:54 PM

Right Mr Ayyarnet. There is marked variation in the tone and tenor of your two posts.

At the outset let me tell you that even if you desired a certificate, I do not have the authority or position to grant one. I expected some heated response and you obliged.

Let me repeat, sir. You were impressed by Mr Vamanan and the proof he gave as to how easy it is to make million/s. I am not impressed. I do not know as to when Vamanan has given the calculation sheet. But, I am sure, I tried that route much earlier.

It is not that I am a man with truck-load of superiority complex. Neither I am blinded by elephantine ego. I never said "when I can not make it, how any one else can make"? That was not my line. One or two in a lakh can certainly do that. I am not in that one or two.

"If you can not find one horse that finish 1,2 or 3". A good point. But, please be reassured Mr Ayyarnet. no race punter is that stupid. He can definitely pick a minimum of two horses a day that may win, but surely place. That is not at all difficult. The tough part is betting.
That too roll. O K. I have accepted the defeat. Hearty congratulations to the winner.

Ms Golden Girl, I have tried more than 20 times. Your post sounds reasonable. No harm in giving one more try. If you really want me to re-enter, you should post your choices by 11 pm of the previous day. Not on the race day. Because, I may be too busy to go through the postings on race day. 2nd, even if free, there may be this or that difficulty and I may not see your postings. Good Luck.

  ArlingtonPark said ... On : 6/10/2013 2:41:51 PM
If not an association to talk about problems, these associations (However small/big it may be) in each centre, can be used as a patform to help decide if the bet that I am doing is good / contest why it is not a good bet.

As an example, I go with my set of calculations/handicapping to the race course and then, looking at the odds, decide to play or let go or change the bet. Most often, the winning horses are part of my selection but for various reasons, it misses.As I see it, the moment there is change in odds and the betting changes, we sometimes get misled. In these situations, a healty discussion among punters woudl help to discuss / get feedback on why / why not a particular horse is worth to bet.

It might help you to skip atlest 1 race in a day which will save you an average of 500rs (assuming that that an economibcal average of invested in a race). On the otherhand, a second confirmation on your selection could fetch you confidence to bet without worying about the lucrative odds.

I am in Chennai and am happy to share my views / accept others view while inside the course.

  Dr.K.R.Nath said ... On : 6/10/2013 2:31:31 PM

Dear GG,
I am also putting up my hand up for this exercise.
One place bet per day as per your choice to be rolled on the next day.
Just one doubt-Do i roll my capital plus dividend or dividend only?
Yes,you are right about your assumption -that i will NOT leave the Hospital premises with attractive nurses hovering around to go out to listen to Race commentary.
Pl.see my post under Retirement Age-i would like to know the name of the singer of the Sixties song-I saw Linda late last night;having a bath leaving things upright;she was out with a fellow till half past two;six feet tall and has eyes of blue--.

  Golden Girl said ... On : 6/10/2013 1:57:55 PM

Mr.Raghavan,I liked your honesty and your straightforward talk.You said that you had started roling the bet in place,and then stopped it.Well i suggest that you start it again with 1k.I will give you one place every race day that will pay more than 16.Please start again.Let us see how far it goes?If you succeed in ten races,then again start from 1k.If you do not like my suggested bet foa a particular race,you can always skip that race.After all we have to make it succesful and it is your money.Needless to say I will also bet on the same.Yesterday I had a very good day.Rise To Glory,L.Lady,A.Beauty,One For A Billion for win,and Thunder and Ridgeway for place.All the best.

  ayyarnet said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:52:18 PM

Mr.Krish - Mumbai

I do not have any problems at all. I have posted in the larger interest of fellow punters. That is all. I am a retired Senior Marketing Executive from a reputed Pharmaceutical firm and settled at Chennai. I have peaceful life. By fault or fate I have taken Horse Racing as a Hobby. for many years. I do not use money earned from Races for my personal use. All money goes for charity to Cancer affected Persons and if any one dies unattended we have an organization to do the last rites for them free of cost. A friend from Jain community takes in discarded Cows and maintain them in GOSHALA. I help these people with the money earned from races and plus my contribution also.

  Vijay said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:49:54 PM

I'd like to suggest a few subdivisions of this association:
1. Committee of tipsters--headed by Vamanan.
2. Sub-committee of 'win' players--Dr. Nath as supervisor.
3. 'Lay-bet' brigade-- Buddy as final authority.
4. Breed & dosage advisory board--Chanakya as supremo.
5. Star gazing reports--Ravi Gawande as 'Expert advisor.'

  ayyarnet said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:41:30 PM

Mr. Raghavan

Mr.Vamanan suggested only PLACE bet and not WIN. Please take a note. If you can not pick one HORSE which should come first or second or third in the whole Race program the I have nothing to say further. I do not bet with Tote at MRC chennai and we do not Xerox counter at the Race. I am not telling any one to follow the idea. I have only posted that I had tried.That is all. If you believe it is Ok otherwise I do not want any certificate from many one.

Thanks for input

  Naresh said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:40:43 PM

Not sure where these facilities are there in HRC.
I still feel there should be at least 1 person per floor from the club to look into these kind of issues.

  ayyarnet said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:31:37 PM

Punters are generally considered as Gamblers or Addicted to Racing.I want to remove this stigma. We are all reputed and must maintain our self respect and that is why we need an Association for us.

Mr. Raghavan :

I agree that it is not possible to make million by Rolling bets because Bookmakers will accept only certain amount for Place bets atleast in chennai. It will work out beyond certain level in theory only. Maximum you can roll 5 or six times. Sometimes you will have to split the amount to one or two Book Makers.

I am sorry to state now I am based at Chennai. Less said about MRC tote is better and nobody goes there and that is why they are quite shy or rather ashamed and do not publish their dividends to the Press.

Mr. Raghavan You need a clear mind and should not get confused at the Race course and you must come to Race course with a firm decision.

I am following only prominent jockeys only and not Horses. This works out for me. Win and Place bets with a prominent jockey pays good to me. Since it works for me I do not want to change my habit. Last Sunday I have opted Suraj Naredu and Imran Chisty. Although I have lost a few Races in the average I was not a loser. Since I have placed place bet also on both the the Jockeys I did not lose much. Because odds for Imran chisty was good. in 2 races. You must have firm mind and should not waver by looking at the odds. Even if you lose you should not change your decision. These things are only possible if you are blessed with sufficient funds and you are not greedy and you will bet only a limited amount in each race. Just because you got good amount in a particular race then the next race you should not bet more than your limit. For example I do not bet more than one 1K. This is just safeguard myself as well as to avoid grudge from Book Maker. If you adopt certain ethics then it is good. May be you will be successful.

Last Sunday all favorites except Lovely Lady flopped.

Any Horse can become favorite and any one can make a Horse favorite. How a Horse becomes favorite by Track Report or Jockey in the saddle. No by number of tickets purchased in the tote for the Horse. If an agent of a Book Maker dumps 20K or 30K the Horse will immediately becomes a Favorite. There will be stamped and rush to the Tote counter to purchase tickets for this horse. Mumbai famous Stock Broker Late Harshad Mehta played this trick by creating Artificial Demand in the share Market. He died in a pitiable condition in the Jail. So it is no use of going by nominated favorite or fancy any Horse. Jockeys wins or lose races all depends on their Riding Instruction given to them.

Good Luck to all.

  Naresh said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:22:31 PM

Yes, this should happen as on Saturday a person sitting in the general stand collapsed in his seat and had passed away on spot.

The people lifted him and laid him on the bench and the club security has come after 15 to 20 mins and took him to hospital.

The clubs should also maintain an emergency rescue team for these kind of incidents, where the do it diligently to check mobile users.

@Mr Naresh

BTC has an ambulance is on the stand by for punters in need of medical help.Also,Doctor is always available in the cabin adjacent to entry of Stewards,owners and member's enclosure.It is situated just beside the biometric kiosk.

  alfreddy said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:06:15 PM

Golden Girl ..
I admire your sense of humour..
My sense compels me to add..
Come back as Silver Girl on PTR and continue your good work.No one will suspect it and I shall respect it.

BTW a junior artist gambles his life and works for his family but a punter gambles his hard earned money and family in one go.
Give me a bonafide reason WHY punters association is required??

ayyarnet is still searching for one..

  Krish...Mumbai said ... On : 6/10/2013 11:46:00 AM

6/10/2013 10:01:32 AM...I was just waiting for ur arrival Sir...already the Vice Chancellor from Pune has peeped in...what u said is very good idea Sir,...but 1000rs is too much for punters...many time it happens that once the race day is over punters ask fellow punter to lend some 10-15rs to go home back...pls reconsider about the entry fee for middle class punters.

Dear Raghavan Sir...the post of Secretary is offered to you...will be glad to see u in this venture in coming days.

  Golden Girl said ... On : 6/10/2013 11:36:02 AM

Alfreddy,you have asked that why is punters association required?In film idustry they have Junior Film Artists Association,where everybody contributes a fix sum per year.When the junior artists dies,a certain amount say 5 lakhs is giving to his family.Similarly if a punter dies,on the race course of a heart-attack,when his on money favourite that he has backed loses,will be given 5 lakhs from the fund to the next of the kin.

This money shall be given to him to continue racing,so that whatever money the poor punter had lost could be recovered.If he does not know racing,punters association will see to it that many experts from HT will teach him all the tricks of racing.Never mind if he loses all the money.In the mean time he will get addicted to races and start playing with his own money(Beg,Borrow or STEEL or ALUMINIUM),but punters assocition will be very happy that they have succeded in adding one more to their community.

  godzilla said ... On : 6/10/2013 10:01:32 AM


Let us all sit down and form an All India Association of Punters. buddy will be President, Raghavan Secretary and myself as Treasurer. The contribution will be Rs. 1000/- per month per Member per year. Only the Treasurer will have drawing powers and single signature on Association cheques.

I prefer Treasurers post, only for the reason, that if I lose in Racing, I can replenish my lost amount, from drawing from the Association Account. 

  svkraju said ... On : 6/10/2013 8:27:22 AM

yes association is required.I hope mr k.r.nath may feed some thought to it.

Every centre should have atleast two associate members to deal any particular situation.

  winner said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:49:03 AM
Yes, agree, association for punters.

1.We can complaint on the hygienic,foods,etc..

2.BTC offering the first 'Few' entries from Gate 1 will get benefit of paying less than the normal entry fee. If we form an association. we can escalate this and can be made to pay every senior citizen the same lesser fee.

Afterall we(punters) are the the one who is paying all the expenses directly or indirectly to racing industry

3.By establishing this we will be role model to whole world and can prove again that ours is democratic county.

poor in english.. but 'THOUGHT' strong hai boss

  Subhendu said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:42:05 AM

The idea "Punter's association" is good. But it is to represents their views and grievances to the Authorities is not a good idea.

If we exchange our views and ideas for picking a good horse in our Group/Association then we definitely pick up one sure place bet on any race day. I agreed. And sure we make money for ourselves. Great idea.

I am from KOLKATA, it is difficult to meet someone in other places. So I request to you and others, that we can get to express and also,we can easily create a group for us.

my Email ID is

todays 09/06/13 last race, there was two hoses Ice kingdom & One from a billion, Ice kingdom twice failed favorite (odd 9/10, 7/4), I think twice failed favorite will not go third time with a opening odd 16/10. Again both were raced previously with GO GREEN, One From A Billion placed second different 4 1/2 length, now switched a better jockey. And Ice Kingdom placed 3rd with interfered different 3 3/4 length. A 3/4 length makeup for D.K.ASHIS is easy. So ONE FROM A BILLION is the best pick up. If anyone don't want to go for win bet, then make place bet. AT KOLKATA One from a billion gives win Rs. 36 and place Rs. 15. Bookmakers gives 90/100 for place bet.


  raghavan said ... On : 6/10/2013 12:29:50 AM
Mr Ayyarnet,

"Rolling place money every race! He (Mr Vamanan) even worked out how we can make a million by rolling place bet only and it is not so difficult to pick up one sure place bet on any race day".

One thing I can say is if making million by betting on horses is so easy, then the number of punters in India would have been several thousand times more than what it is now. (There would have been half a dozen or more race horse punters' States and Union-territories). I do not want to use the word 'impossible', because you may take offence. Your ego will be hurt. So, I will use the word 'unrealistic'.

Please understand that I am not discouraging you. No one will hold your hand if you want to implement that idea. If you win, you can definitely question my tactless response. I will accept my fault with full apologies.

Do one thing. Decide your roll amount. (say 1500 or above). Buy the ticket. (It should be only from the Tote). Take a xerox copy. Encash it. Reinvest the returns to a 2nd horse. Take a xerox copy of the 2nd ticket also. Redo the process for 10 times. Only condition is the dividend should be minimum of 16 for a tenner. For the said 10 horses it is not necessary that it should be in 2 race days or 20 race days. Take 1 month; or 3 months. It is immaterial. Only thing is xerox copy of all the 10 bets. I will accept your superb talent and offer my apologies heartily. If in the chain any horse pays lower dividends(14,15,12 etc), that that ticket is not valid for the said 10 horse chain.

A dividend of 16/- for a tenner. 10 horses roll. If the starting sum is 1k, and if all the 10 horses click the cash on hand will be in excess of 100000/=. I have attempted that several times. The best achievement from my side was only 3 wins in a row. Beyond that, big zero. However, once the 4th horse in my chain got withdrawn and I got money back. Now I am not indulging in such misadventures. I have accepted my defeat.

  alfreddy said ... On : 6/9/2013 11:23:34 PM

:Association for Punters!!!!!!!!!!!
But for what reason aayyarnet?
Give me one.

  raghavan said ... On : 6/9/2013 10:39:26 PM
Tucker jee,

Mr Ayyarnet has opened a new idea. Mr Krish..Mumbai expects that I should play a bigger role on that aspect. I humbly state that I am not that dynamic. But, let us think on those lines at a later date.

As of now, I think there is one such Association at Chennai. Please tell me about that.

Other Horsetalk friends based at Chennai also welcome to reply. Still better will be the response from management committee of that association.

  vetri said ... On : 6/9/2013 10:19:53 PM


  Srikumar said ... On : 6/9/2013 8:51:12 PM

Though, its very un-practical, I would like the idea to have one. In my view punters are the most struggling participants of this whole game, and they belong to defrent economic/social class. Majority of them will find hard to join/support.
Still something can be done, if this thred gets some serious response.

  Tucker said ... On : 6/9/2013 8:09:00 PM

@ ayyarnet,

Yes. Very Good suggesstion!!!!, knowingly or unknowingly Kris. mumbai has given a good idea leave alone the sarcasm!!!!!.. Such Assn. should be able to repesent on behalf of punters of various race courses all the issues put to them. The Turf Authority of India should recognise the Assn. I am sure all the Irians would react to this idea positively and put forth their valuable suggesstions. It will be interesting to know about such Assn. exists in other parts of the world where Horse Racing are coducted. At least efforts may make a beggining.

With regards,


  Krish...Mumbai said ... On : 6/9/2013 7:34:57 PM

Mr Ayyernet...pls contact Mr Godzilla_Chennai or Mr Raghavan_Bang...ur problems and irritations will be solved...Oh yes if the duo dont turned up...then you can contact one Vice Chancellor from Pune...presently doing extensive research in give u his Noble advice.

Thanks and Best Regards...Krish...Mumbai

  SAM said ... On : 6/9/2013 7:24:36 PM

Thanks for your valuble thoughts. I hope we should form an association. See for example , take HRC there is no SHP , in race course everyone will talk about this issue but no one can come front to talk with authorities. If we form an association we can talk the issues like these....

Thanks & Regards